2 webinars and social media actions for #SanctionsKill: International Days of Action

International Days of Action Against Sanctions and Economic War
March 13 – 16

Alliance for Global Justice is a member of the Sanctions Kill Coalition. In addition to joining the actions listed below, for information about how you can support children and their families in Venezuela who are affected by unilateral sanctions that have killed over 40,000 people, visit our sister project Manitos Children’s Fund  www.ManitosChildrensFund.org

Sanctions Kill Webinar:


Forum and Webinar with Alliance For Global Justice

Watch online at the
Sanctions Kill FB Page
Register to watch via
ZOOM video conference

EXPANDED Speakers list will include:

Elane Spivak Rodriguez, Alliance For Global Justice
Rhonda Ramiro, BAYAN USA
Omowale Clay, December 12 Movement
Sara Flounders, SanctionsKill Campaign
Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Action Committee
Bilal Mafundi Ali, Black Alliance for Peace
Teresa Walsh and Nesbit Crutchfield, Venceremos Brigade
K.J. Noh, Scholar, Writer and Peace Activist
Jeff Mackler, United National Anti-War Coalition
David Paul, Embassy Protection Collective
David Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council
Judy Greenspan, International Action Center

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#SanctionsKill Social Media Campaign:

MARCH 13, 14, AND 15 (ALL DAY)

Want to participate in the Days of Action through social media? Take a selfie with one of pictures above from CODEPINK, and post to your social media accounts with a brief message and the hashtag #SanctionsKill. Or use one of the pictures as your profile image.

Write your own message, or use one of the samples below as a template:

  • End U.S. Sanctions on 39 Countries – 1/3 of the world! #SanctionsKill
  • Sanctions withhold medicine, spread Coronavirus #SanctionsKill
  • U.S. Sanctions Killed 40,000 Venezuelans in 2 years #SanctionsKill
  • U.S. Sanctions Killed 4,000 Koreans in 2018 #SanctionsKill
  • End U.S. & Zionist Sanctions on Gaza! Free Palestine! #SanctionsKill
  • Sanctions: Spreading COVID-19 in IRAN and around the world #SanctionsKill
  • End Western Sanctions on Zimbabwe #SanctionsKill
  • ¡Cuba sí, bloqueo no! #SanctionsKill




Learn the fundamentals of US Unilateral Sanctions. What are sanctions, how are they imposed and what allows the United States to successfully destroy sovereign economies and societies without firing a weapon.

Kee B. Park, MD, MPH, is a lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine and Director of the Korea Health Policy Project at Harvard Medical School. He also serves as Director of the North Korea Programs at the Korean American Medical Association, and has led over 20 delegations to North Korea since 2007 to work alongside and collaborate with North Korean doctors in the DPRK. Most recently he co-authored the October 2019 report “The Human Costs and Gendered Impact of Sanctions on North Korea”

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