AFGJ mourns the loss of President Hugo Chavez

The Alliance for Global Justice mourns with the family of President Hugo Chavez Frias and people of Venezuela his untimely death. But in this time of tears we also celebrate the life of this great man whose passion for justice and equality marshaled the progressive movements in his country to eradicate illiteracy, abolish extreme poverty, cut the poverty rate in half, provide free health care and education for all, and to involve all the people in participatory governance. He showed the world what can be done by a government that has a true preferential option for the poor. While taking back the benefits of Venezuela’s vast oil resources for the people of Venezuela rather than the transnational capitalists and the small national oligarchy, he also generously shared that wealth with the poor of other nations in the hemisphere. The Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our Americas (ALBA) is but one of the legacies Hugo Chavez has bequeathed to the people of the hemisphere. Nicaraguans and the US recipients of free heating oil alike join Venezuelans in mourning his death, as do all good people of the world.


The Alliance for Global Justice has full faith that the Bolivarian Revolution will continue through the strength of the Venezuelan people who chanted on what should have been the inauguration of his new term in office, “We are all Chavez.” AfGJ has equal faith that the forces of imperialism and savage capitalism will do everything in their power to disrupt a peaceful transition and to sow discord and confusion, rumors and lies, as Venezuela moves forward. We call on revolutionary and progressive forces in the United States to stand vigilant to defend the right of the Venezuelan people to sovereignty and self determination. We call on all people to work tirelessly toward Bolivar and Chavez’ dream of a united Latin America.


Long Live the Bolivarian Revolution! Hugo Chavez, presente, presente, presente.


Alliance for Global Justice