AFGJ Venezuela-ALBA News: Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 11.16.2018 Colombia calls for international action against Venezuela; Bolsonario makes Cuban doctors leave Brazil

The News This Week



Venezuela Calls on UN to Break US Blockade and Supply Medical Equipment

Colombia president calls for international action to remove Venezuelan government

Venezuela Delivers 2.3 Million Houses to the People Despite the Economic War

Venezuela to Host Latin American Student Congress in 2019


Nicaragua says anti-government protests caused $1 billion in economic damages

Fabián Escalante Font: Nicaragua and the U.S. Neo-fascist Offensive

Camilo Mejia: Shameless Misinformation Campaign Against Nicaragua and Its People

US-funded NGO that sank $4.1mn into Nicaragua protests says it’s ‘misleading’ to report about their funding


Cuba’s response to Bolsonaro on Cuban volunteer doctors in Brazil

Cuba to Conclude 2018 with Tourist Record: 4,750,000 foreign tourists


Morales Shows Support For Ortega in Battle Against US Regime Change


Rafael Correa: Ecuador’s Soft Coup and Political Persecution

DOJ Inadvertently Confirms Sealed Indictment on Julian Assange


IFCO/Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba

Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee tour to Cuba December 29- January 9

AFGJ Friends ot ATC Delegation to Nicaragua, January 3-13

Delegation to Venezuela, March 17-24, 2019