Venezuela & ALBA News 1.7.2022: Venezuela Foresees More Recovery from US Economic and Political Sabotage

Liberation News: Venezuela: from resistance to recovery in production and social welfare The upward trend of our productive apparatus is due to a set of factors:In the first place, the recovery of oil production stands out. Recently, news agencies reviewed the highest oil production records in recent years, placing it at more than 900,000 barrels per day. This increase — unanticipated by the country’s enemies — is due in the first place, to the contribution and commitment of our country’s oil workers.  The Anti-Blockade Law has also been a key factor. Under its protection, private companies have been incorporated, which have been developing investment plans under the direction of the Venezuelan State. The support of our friends around the world who have come to our aid also stands out. A special place in this regard is occupied by Iran, which, in defiance of sanctions, has contributed in multiple ways to increase our production.

Resumen: 21st Century US Coups and Attempted Coups in Latin America A list of 27 US-backed coups and attempted coups in the 21 years of this century. As throughout the 20th century, the US daily, not periodically, interferes in what it considers its colonies to both impose neocolonial regimes and maintain those regimes which open their markets to US corporate interests without conditions and align themselves with US foreign policy.

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela Responds to New Interventionist Statement by US The day before Biden spoke on January 6 about following the will of the people and democracy, he declares Guaido as Venezuela president (here). Venezuela responds,“The State Department intends to legitimize with a statement the operation of a transnational criminal group already infamous for its role in the theft and waste of the resources of all Venezuelans which are kidnapped abroad due to coercive measures unilateral and illegal dictated from Washington.”

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuelan Gov’t Demands Alex Saab Release, Return of Stolen Assets to Resume Mexico Talks Venezuelan National Assembly President Jorge Rodríguez reiterated that the dialogue process in Mexico will restart once government envoy Alex Saab is released by Washington and the US-backed opposition returns seized foreign assets.”Enough hypocrisy. If you want dialogue, release Alex Saab. If you want dialogue, return our assets abroad and our gold [withheld by the Bank of England] which you stole,” Rodríguez stated

Venezuelanalysis: The Prospects for the Venezuelan Oil Industry Venezuela’s oil sector has been the main target of US sanctions beginning in 2017. “We have to do a gigantic amount of repair work so that in 4 or 5 years the country can produce up to 2.5 million barrels a day, a level which could be maintained for 50 or 60 years.” Pottellá believes that the country must accept that the era of oil dependence is over and generate a new development perspective based on a diversified economy. “We have to start assuming that we are going to stop being oil-sellers and that we have the agricultural potential to feed our country six times over.” “Venezuela has a cultured population that can easily shift to building a prosperous economy with all the physical and human capabilities to be a permanent sovereign country without oil. We can use oil as an aid, but it will never be the source that will guarantee 96% of our imports as it once was.”

Orinoco Tribune (Nino Pagliccia): A Recall Referendum in Venezuela will be a Failure If Attempted A group that calls itself Venezuelan Movement for the Recall allegedly is already preparing for a recall. Reports come from US-based sources like Voice of America and other rightwing sources from Venezuela and Europe suggesting that the recall plot may well have a media involvement promoting the movement. However, this might grow to be one of the main political issues in Venezuela in 2022. But a recall is easier said than done.

Internationalist360: Ignacio Ramonet’s Complete Interview with Nicolás Maduro From December 30, 2020, a year ago.


Latin America Year in Review
Peoples Dispatch: In Latin America, 2021 saw major electoral victories against the right
and the gains the right made.

Roger Harris: 2021 Latin America and the Caribbean in Review: The Pink Tide Rises Again  A very useful review, with the caveat that the leaders of Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Peru have condemned one or more of the ALBA countries. But none can be called reliable allies of the US.


Webinars and Delegations
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January 11: Online Premiere: Cuba’s Life Task: Combating Climate Change

January 23: The World Stands Up to Sanctions

January 26: COVID-19 Response in Chicago and Havana

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Pastors for Peace delegations to Cuba 2022


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