Venezuela & ALBA News 2.24.2023: US is after Piedad Cordoba in its Alex Saab frame-up; Petro and AMLO denounce Peru coup regime

Orinoco Tribune: President Petro: Peru’s Security Forces Behaving Like Nazis Gustavo Petro, described the Peruvian police as “Nazis” for killing their own people. “In Peru, they stomp their own people, like Nazis, breaking the American Convention on Human Rights.” Since last December, when the protests began, some 69 people have lost their lives, the majority as a result of repressive actions by the police.

Sputnik: AMLO Calls Dina Boluarte’s Peru Government ‘Spurious,’ Will Not Hand Over Regional Bloc Presidency to Peru “I am going to make the consultation, because I do not want to legitimize a coup d’état,” López Obrador said. “We cannot do it, it would be against freedoms, against human rights, and anti-democratic. We don’t support that.” “They sent him [Castillo] to prison, on no legal grounds,” he stressed. “They do not respect the will of the people, and behind it is a racist classist attitude.”

Piedad Cordoba, former Colombia Senator, the United States may try to extradite in relation to Alex Saab; Interview with her on Alex Saab Piedad Cordoba answers some questions about her relations with Alex Saab and with the man who made claims about her business relations with Saab.

Kawsachun News: US Lawfare and the destabilization of Latin America “Lawfare is the use of the law as a weapon of war, and it is the newest characteristic of 21st Century Combat,” Colonel Charles Dunlap (2001). He later wrote that Lawfare could be converted into a “strategy of using or misusing law as a substitute for traditional military means to achieve military objectives.”

Liberation News: USAID: The humanitarian face of colonial exploitation USAID serves to direct the money and resources of the Global South into the pockets of the U.S. capitalist class. Beginning in the early 2000s, USAID shifted toward more direct engagement with the private sector. And USAID is explicit in this mission of creating new business opportunities for U.S. firms, though it cloaks it in the language of relief assistance and development aid, seeking new markets and generating profits for western-based corporations. The first is through contracting out humanitarian aid and development work, often in the aftermath of a natural disaster.


ResumenLatimoamericano: Venezuela: The Long March of the Bolivarian Youth “If something has been achieved in these 24 years of revolution is to include the youth in the country’s decision making process, it is to take the youth into account. The youth today have worth, the youth today are listened to”. This is what President Maduro said when addressing the crowd of young people who marched on February 12. Such a level of youth participation in political life is not seen in Europe. Venezuela has 92% schooling and 85% of its youth studying in public universities. There is still a long way to go – said the President – but the youth have been and are the center of resistance to the blockade and the interference propaganda of imperialism and its local puppets.

Orinoco Tribune: Chevron to Increase Shipment of Venezuelan Oil to US Chevron announced that it will raise its shipments of oil to the US to 100,000 barrels per day in February. In January, Chevron’s oil shipment was 75,000 barrels of crude per day. The US considered increasing the import of crude oil from Venezuela after the failure of the maximum pressure measure against the country through illegal sanctions. Chevron works with four join ventures with the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. Crude production this year will not vary much from the 690,000 BPD that Venezuela averaged in 2022, as long as Washington’s blockade against the country’s oil industry remains largely unaltered.


Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign: Statement on Prisoner Release; Dan Koavlik book; Women in Nicaragua delegation; webinars and interviews


Mint Press News (Joe Emersberger): Elections in Ecuador Unmask Western Media Dishonesty On February 5, Revolución Ciudadana (RC5), the political party led by former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, a leftist who was in office 2007-2017, won significant victories in municipal and regional elections. RC5 candidates triumphed throughout the country but, most significantly, were elected mayors of Ecuador’s largest cities: Guayaquil, Quito (the capital) and Cuenca. Notably, in Guayaquil, RC5 ended three decades of rightwing rule.


Thursdays: WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean with Teri Mattson (or watch here or here)
February 27: US/Canada Hands Off Venezuela Monthly Virtual Picket Action! Free Alex Saab!
March 11-12: International US-Cuba Normalization Conference
March 18 — National March on Washington: Peace in Ukraine – Stop NATO


April 4-13: Cuba Agroecology Tour
April 23 to May 7: NNOC-ICAP 2023 May Day Brigade Interest Form
April 25-May 7: Building Relations with Cuban Labor: Celebrating Labor and May Day in Cuba
April 27-May 6 Nicaragua delegation by Friends of the ATC
May 26- June 4: Lessons from Cuba: Exploring Art, Healthcare, Sustainability and Education
May 13-22 and June 19-26 delegations to Nicaragua
June 17-27 Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast Delegation with Friends of the ATC
July 15-29 IFCO/ Pastors for Peace US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan


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