Venezuela & ALBA News 3.11.2022: ALBA Countries Recognize Ukraine War as US Empire’s Attempt to Maintain its World Domination

Evo Morales remembers Hugo Chavez 
We remember 9 years [died March 5, 2013] of the departure of our brother, comrade and commander, Hugo Chávez Frías, amidst the pain of millions of Venezuelans and Latin Americans who said goodbye to the great revolutionary leader who opened the path of Socialism of the XXI Century for the benefit of the poorest. Brother Hugo Chávez Frías was the most visionary, generous President, a man of  solidarity, who strengthened with tireless determination the bonds of brotherhood among free peoples of the Great Homeland longed for by Simón Bolívar. His “crime” was to bring health, food and welfare to his people. For denouncing the injustices of capitalism, he suffered hateful attacks and attempts on his life. Now, in order to destroy his legacy, the US is blockading Venezuela economically. But Chávez’s example is a light that shines forever on the revolutionary path. Chavez lives, the struggle continues!

Film South of the Border Oliver Stone’s film on Hugo Chavez and the South America movement he fostered.


Granma: Beyond the conflict in Ukraine
We are living the last battle of the capitalist West struggling to sustain the world hegemony it has maintained since its colonial conquest of Asia, Africa and the New World. We are seeing the emergence of other powers unwilling to accept this imposed order. A majority of the world, with a colonial past, is pushing for a planet that is not the battlefield for wars started by others. This is a very dangerous moment for humanity. We have been in an unnamed third world war for a long time.


NicaNotes: The Gains of Nicaraguan Women during the Second Sandinista Government
After the 1979 Sandinista victory, living conditions for women drastically improved, achievements the period of neoliberal rule (1990-2006) did not completely overturn. Throughout the second Sandinista period (2007- today), the material and social position of women again made giant steps forward. The greatest advance has been made by poor women in the rural areas and barrios, historically without safety, electricity, water and sanitation services, health care, or paved roads. The liberation women have attained during the Sandinista era cannot be measured only by what we apply in North America: equal pay for equal work, the right to abortion, the right to affordable childcare, freedom from sexual discrimination.


Mision Verdad: Venezuela’s Approach to the Ukraine Conflict
President Maduro stated “Madness has taken over the most important leaders of the West,” in reference to the rulers of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The conflict in Ukraine “could turn into a Third World War.” Maduro has not hesitated to support Russia’s demand for security guarantees, and has denounced NATO’s US-led expansion plans and the breach of the agreements that had been signed by Ukraine, and the powers behind the Zelensky government. These are “the first things that must be solved in this conflict.”

International Women’s Day in Caracas includes the Case of Alex Saab

Venezuelanalysis: US Officials Meet Maduro, Fail to Drive Wedge Between Venezuela and Russia The US team made “maximalist” demands concerning electoral guarantees. The US was seeking new presidential elections, a larger participation of foreign private capital in Venezuela’s oil industry and a public condemnation of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. The Biden administration representatives reportedly offered Venezuela a temporary return to the SWIFT financial transaction system. President Maduro and Vice President Delcy Rodríguez instead demanded broader sanctions relief and the return of foreign assets such as oil subsidiary CITGO.

Peoples Dispatch: Maduro announces reactivation of dialogue with the opposition after meeting with US government After imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russia in recent days over the crisis in Ukraine, including blocking all Russian-exported fuel, the US has lost a key supplier of oil. The inflation and upcoming legislative elections in the country has forced the US to review its policies on Venezuela.

Reuters: Venezuela February inflation was lowest since 2014 Venezuela’s rate of consumer price inflation continued to fall in February to 2.9%, the lowest figure in eight years, the central bank said on Friday. Inflation was down from 6.7% in January.

Bloomberg: Venezuela’s Maduro Announces 18-Fold Increase to Minimum Wage President Maduro announced a 18-fold increase in Venezuela’s monthly minimum wage to roughly 126 bolivars ($28) by pegging it to the value of half a petro, the government’s cryptocurrency.


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