Venezuela & ALBA News 4.1.2022: Unreported Ongoing US-Backed Colombia Terrorist War on Venezuelan Border


Orinoco Tribune: Venezuelan Army Dismantles Colombian Paramilitary Camp for Making Explosives in Apure The Bolivarian National Armed Force dismantled an illicit explosives producing base used by Colombian narco-terrorists in Apure state, Venezuela. Major General Domingo Hernández Lárez wrote that the Venezuelan troops who patrolled the area as part of the 2022 Operation Bolivarian Shield found 10,500 non-electronic detonators, 4,500 white phosphorus detonators, 1,250 kg of black powder, 500 meters of slow fuse cable, and shrapnel. “All these are of Colombian manufacture.” In recent weeks Venezuelan military forces detained several armed members of these terrorist groups in the border areas with Colombia, and confiscated thousands of explosives and various types of drugs found in their possession.

CubaDebate: Attack on thermoelectric complex in Venezuela foiled Minister of Electric Energy of Venezuela Néstor Reverol announced that security forces frustrated an attack against the Rafael Urdaneta thermoelectric complex, in the municipality of Cañada de Urdaneta, state of Zulia. One of the perpetrators was killed in the attack. Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino, headed the commission that delivered supplies and equipment to the military forces of that border state with Colombia, where the protection of the border area with the neighboring country is a national priority and has been center of several attacks on the electrical system.

Multipolarista: Many Global South countries blame US-NATO for Ukraine war, not Russia While Western powers impose sanctions on Russia, many countries in the Global South blame the US and NATO for the Ukraine war, including South Africa, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea, and Eritrea. China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Vietnam, and more remain neutral. These represent the majority of the world’s population.

Kawsachun News: Bolivia’s former Minister of the Presidency Juan Ramon Quintana: Latin America to Experience Phase II of the Cold War Quintana expressed rejection of official narratives propagated by the hegemonic media, force fed from the north, and instead urged an examination of history. Quintana says that “gringo policy” towards Latin America will put in motion a “witch hunt in the region” in which Washington will say, ‘Either they’re with the West, NATO and the US, or they’re against us.’ Within this context, governments that opt for neutrality in the conflict will be put in the category of pro-Russia and subject to US blackmail, intimidation and pressure.

Orinoco Tribune: Iran’s Support for Venezuela Undermines US Sanctions, Says Pentagon The US Southern Command has admitted that Iran’s support for Cuba and Venezuela has undermined Washington’s sanctions against these countries. General Richardson testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, “Iran has expanded economic and security cooperation with Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia through transfers of fuel, barter, basic food and military assistance, reducing the effects of the United States’ sanctions.”

Code Pink: Teri Mattson “Food Sovereignty, the Che Guevara Commune” This is the first episode of an informal series on how various organizations, communities, institutions and governments are guaranteeing access to food as a human right.

Fundraiser for Documentary – ‘Venezuela: The Cost of Challenging an Empire’ A documentary about the political process of Venezuela, that discusses the human cost of the US’s economic war on the country.

PrensaLatina: AMLO ridicules Euro-Parliament that welcomed Venezuelan fugitive Leopoldo Lopez Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ridiculed the European Parliament for unfounded criticism of his government due to the assassination of journalists and statements made by Venezuelan fugitive Leopoldo Lopez, who has become a Member of European Parliament.

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Launches the Venezuelan Congress of Women On March 29,  President Maduro inaugurated the Venezuelan Congress of Women, highlighting the role of Venezuelan women in the fight for their rights. “From now on they will have great tasks such as unifying, relaunching and putting the priorities of the feminist movement at the forefront of the country.” Maduro highlighted that 1,982 delegates from all over the country participated in the Congress, of which 240 belong to state movements, 270 to national ones and 230 are natural leaders. Maduro stated that women have taken a fundamental role in society: “In this historical era, women have taken a determining role in the leadership of what is Venezuelan society. The woman has taken command, with her love, intelligence, responsibility, and discipline.”




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