Venezuela & ALBA News 5.6.2022 Biden Bans Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua from Summit of the Americas

Granma: May Day marches across the island reaffirm Cuba’s commitment to the Revolution In plazas across the island, five million Cubans demonstrated their commitment to the Revolution and socialism. (video from China’s CGTN)

Sputnik News: Biden Bans Left-Wing Latin Leaders From Regional Summit in Los Angeles President Biden has barred Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from a regional summit to be held in Los Angeles next month. Biden is set to speak at the Ninth Summit of the Americas. The US has repeatedly refused to recognise the results of elections in Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela, even when certified by delegations of international observers.

TeleSur:CELAC and Puebla Group Demand an Inclusive Summit of the Americas The 9th Summit of the Americas represents a great opportunity to build a meeting space in which all the countries of the hemisphere participate in an open and inclusive manner, under the unifying objective of joint actions,” CELAC said, adding that “it is essential that we overcome ideological divisions and focus on finding common ground.”

Orinoco Tribune: Washington’s Threats May Ruin Summit of the Americas Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the Organization of American States and the US asserted that “if the United States insists on not inviting Cuba to this meeting, it will immediately cause 14 CARICOM countries not to attend. That means we don’t have a Summit of the Americas that is meaningful.” Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela Diosdado Cabello declared,“If they continue like this, it will be the summit of the gringos.”

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela’s Maduro Warns Western Powers Aim to Destroy Russia to Stop Multipolar World President Maduro warned that a “media dictatorship” could lead to a “Third World War.” The multifaceted campaign by Western countries to isolate Russia was aimed at destroying the country in order to deter the development of a “multipolar” world.  “From Venezuela we denounce it, [Western countries] want to go to a war to dismember Russia, break it into pieces, destroy it and end the hope of a multipolar world where we can all live,” declared President Maduro.

Video: The Ultimate Guide on Sanctions Against Venezuela

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela and Iran Deepen Cooperation to Overcome US Sanction Maduro described the meeting as productive” which he said was aimed to “deepen the ties of brotherhood and cooperation (with Iran), (especially) in energy matters”. Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji met his Venezuelan counterpart Tareck El Aissami to discuss ways to overcome the effects of harsh sanctions imposed on both the countries by the United States. The two officials discussed “the construction of routes and mechanisms to overcome the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the US government and allied countries.” Venezuela imports condensate from Iran, which is deemed important to thin its extra-thick crude oil. Iran has also helped its South American ally with engineers, refined products, and spare parts for its oil industry.

Kawsachun News: How Bolivia Beat Inflation Brazil and Chile are seeing some of the highest inflation rates in years, with Brazil, at 12% annually. However, Bolivia has the lowest inflation in the Americas with just 0.9% in 2021. Why? First, economic sovereignty has given Bolivia the freedom to set interest rates and control the money supply to ensure there aren’t inflationary pressures being generated. Second, state companies have controlled the prices of basic goods and stores supplies of things like grain and beef that can be released at strategic times to correct prices. Third, the nationalization of gas and the subsidies at the pump ensures that fuel prices don’t rise.

FAIR (Ricardo Vaz): On Venezuela, Only Hawkish ‘Dissent’ Allowed

Consortium News (Steve Ellner): Biden Vacillates as Venezuela’s Maduro Gains Groun


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