Venezuela & ALBA News 6.3.2022: ALBA Summit Declaration and Speeches by Presidents of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia

Ultima Noticias: ALBA-TCP Summit rejects exclusion and discrimination “ALBA-TCP repudiates the exclusions and discriminatory treatment in the so-called Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles…We repudiate the hostile policy of the United States and its claims of exclusion from the so-called Summit, which constitutes a serious historical setback that offends the Latin American and Caribbean peoples…We reject the discriminatory treatment of the United States as the host country of the so-called Summit of the Americas against numerous representatives of the genuine civil society of the continent.”

Declaration of the 21st Summit of Heads of State and Government of ALBA-TCP 
2. Support the demands of the countries of Our America to materialize a change in the hemispheric relations, based on the Charter of the United Nations and the International Law, including the principles of sovereign equality, non-interference in the internal affairs, non-use or threat of use of force, peaceful settlement of disputes and self-determination of peoples.
3. Reaffirm their support to multilateralism, as the main instrument to address multifaceted and complex global challenges through collective action.
4. Denounce the pretensions of imperialist domination over the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean to maintain the region divided according to their hegemonic interests.

Speech by Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega at ALBA Summit “Imperialism has not changed, the essence of Imperialism is still there, a totally criminal essence” Imperialism has not changed, the essence of Imperialism is still there, a totally criminal essence. There are no barriers for them! And now they think the time has come to impose the total hegemony of Yankee imperialism on the Planet. It is no longer just about applying the Monroe Doctrine on what they have called their backyard or their front yard, rather now it is about turning the entire planet into the patio of United States Power. And they want to turn the Asian Peoples into their patio as well. They want to subdue the Russian Federation. and they want to subdue the People’s Republic of China. I would argue that they are living a moment of schizophrenia, imagining the time has come for them to dominate the entire Planet, and they do not realize this is no longer possible.

Speech by Cuban President Díaz-Canel, during the May 27 ALBA Summit This practice of exclusion is not new and confirms the intention of the United States to control the inter-American system, to advance its hegemonic objectives and act as the arbitrator of democracy. They have no such a right, neither politically or morally.They claim to be promoters of democracy, which they deliberately equate with their system, but they are not capable of providing a plural space. They pretend to be interested in a constructive relationship with our region, but they disrespect our differences.Thus, in the name of democracy, the government of the United States ignores, once again, the demand for a truly hemispheric summit, with all countries that inhabit the continent.

Speech by Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro at ALBA Summit We have shared within ALBA, a declaration that we have unanimously approved, a strong declaration on these regrettable circumstances of an empire that intends to divide the region by intrigue, by lies, by deceit, by threats. And this decadent empire of the United States should know that neither intrigue, nor threat, nor deceit, today are weapons that can intimidate the will and dignity of Latin America and the Caribbean, which will be expressed between now and the so-called Summit of the Americas and well beyond.

Let us never lose perspective, the 21st century is our century, it is the century of Latin America and the Caribbean, it is the century of the union and liberation of an entire continent, this is our century. Enough of the centuries of plundering, of invasions, of threats, of imperial hegemonism, this is our century! The 21st century and our path is this Latin America and the Caribbean, ALBA, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, this is our path, the path of equals, the path of respect, the path of inclusion, the path of the united call, this is our path.

Speech by Bolivia President Luis Arce at ALBA Summit Washington’s veto shows that, despite the rhetoric in favor of democracy and human rights, there is no real will in the authorities of that country to change its hostile policy towards governments that do not worthily subordinate themselves to its interests. Cuba has been a victim of this hostility for six decades and, today, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Nicaragua are also suffering the consequences of having sovereignly chosen a different path from the one laid out by the White House.

We can in fact say that the United States resorts to any type of instrument to sanction countries that decide to follow a different path from that of its mandates, as happened when it unilaterally withdrew Bolivia’s access to tariff preferences, despite the fact that we have complied with our commitments to the international community to fight drug trafficking.

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela reports double-digit growth in the first quarter Venezuela has experienced double-digit growth in the real economy in the first quarter of the year, President Maduro reported. He pointed out that Venezuela reached 70% of the food it produces and the goal is to reach 90% this year. “The sanctions measures against Russia taken by the European Union are economic suicide for the United States, Europe and the world. They are causing the greatest inflation that has been known in recent years,” denounced the head of state. He indicated that the embargo measure caused the oil tanker to soar this Tuesday to 123 dollars per barrel, while gasoline soared “to more than 330 dollars per barrel and is going up…With oil, gasoline, food is skyrocketing and it affects all the peoples of the world. It is crazy what the European Union is doing, they must sit down, reflect and rectify this madness of sanctions. The sanctions are against the peoples.”

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