Venezuela & ALBA News 8.26.2022: Venezuela Organizes 267,000 Peoples Assemblies; the Church in Nicaragua; FBI Acts against Cuba Solidarity Activists

Ultima Noticias: US Influence in Latin America is on the Decline After the progressive governments in Latin America were overturned one after another from 2009-2019, there has been a great resurgence, starting with the election of AMLO in Mexico in 2018, and especially with the victory in Colombia by Petro. This resurgence of nationalist governments, added with “rebels” on the right, translates into greater numerical strength and a presence in key countries which, when compared to what happened in the past decade, represents the movement of rulers who are moving away from the “influence” of the US in this region.


Nicaragua Bishop Rolando Alvarez: Bishop of the Money Gods Alvarez is also the Bishop of both Estelí and Matagalpa but has primarily done political work for many years. He was a leader in the 2018 failed coup attempt and has been considered a US agent. The plan consisted in depositing money to Rolando Alvarez’s media accounts to be later distributed to opposition groups and thus “heat up the streets” and begin again the destabilization of the country. But this same week the authorities dismantled the network of illegal communication outlets (five radio stations and a local television channel) that would be used as a platform for financing media and street terrorism.

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Cuaderno Sandinista: The Truth About the Church in Nicaragua The hegemonic media speak of “persecution” of bishops, without mentioning that under the auspices of the high authorities of the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Matagalpa, headed by Bishop Rolando Álvarez, took advantage of their status as “religious leaders” to use the media to persecute the bishops, and and social networks to try to organize violent groups with the purpose of destabilizing the state of Nicaragua and attacking the Constitutional authorities. They highlight falsehoods without indicating that Alvarez, who is a member of the episcopal conference of Nicaragua, has a background in manipulation and hate speeches to promote violence; that he was a political activist during the failed coup attempt in 2018, whose escalation of violence left a balance of 199 Nicaraguans dead in street clashes, 22 of them police.


Orinoco Tribune: PSUV Organizes Almost 267,000 Peoples’ Assemblies Vice-President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello announced that 266,927 assemblies were organized at the national level last weekend. Cabello stressed that women took a leading role in the election of the street teams that were held last weekend throughout the country. “Men were defeated, each in turn, is the prevalent general perception. Women took control of almost all the streets of Venezuela.”

Venezuela’s Ambassador in Bolivia, César Trómpiz: Venezuela’s Road to Economic Recovery He discusses the economic recovery, the special economic zones, anti-blockade law, tourism.

Ultima Noticias: Central Bank of Venezuela: National economy grew 17% in the first quarter of 2022 It is estimated that for this second quarter economic growth will be 18% in the non-oil private sector alone. Venezuela has four quarters of continuous double-digit economic growth. During the third quarter of 2021, it was 14.65%, and in the fourth quarter growth 19%, compared to the same period from the previous year.

Venezuelanalysis: US Judge Upholds ConocoPhillips $8.5B Award against Venezuela, which Rejects ‘Unlawful’ Ruling The Maduro government rejected the US federal court’s “unlawful” ruling, stating it violates international law and only seeks to “consummate the delivery of Venezuelan assets to foreign powers through [judicial] procedural frauds.” “This unfair decision has been forged by violating Venezuela’s right to defense,” read the statement issued on Monday. Caracas likewise pointed out that the court’s decision was made in “complicity with Venezuelan extremists” to favor ConocoPhillips, including Juan Guaidó and the “interim government” former “special prosecutor” José Ignacio Hernández.


ResumenLatinoamericano: FBI Harasses Solidarity Activists from Puerto Rico for Delivering Medical Aid to Cuba The president of the Cuba Solidarity Committee (CSC) of Puerto Rico, Milagros Rivera, denounces the intimidation operation unleashed by federal agents through calls and visits to several activists of the Committee and members of the Juan Rius Rivera Brigade. Claiming that they were investigating the Cuba Solidarity Committee, they tried to find out details about the Committee’s spokesperson and the recent trip to Cuba by the Brigade under the category “various types of support for the Cuban people”. On its tour of the country, the brigade delivered sanitary donations to fight against COVID-19 in hospitals and engaged in cultural and educational exchanges with the people.

Granma: Ukraine, Ukraine: the never-ending war Joe Biden’s actions, approving a new allocation of almost $3 billion in arms for Ukraine and Josep Borrell’s initiative for the EU, in addition to providing arms to Kyiv and joining the bandwagon of sanctions against Russia, to train the Ukrainian military involved in a war, show that many have an interest in this war not ending.

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TeleSur: Bolivian Social Movements March in Support of President Arce The Pact of Unity and the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) called for a march to reject attempts at political destabilization and ratify their support for President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca. The march started from El Alto City towards Saint Francis Square in downtown La Paz, where thousands of workers, farmers, and students gathered to affirm their will for economic, political, and social change. “This is the unity of the Bolivian people, who today march stronger than ever to tell the right-wing coup plotters that democracy must be respected!” President Arce said from the square. “All over the world, capitalism wants to destabilize progressive governments that protect the wealth of nations. Meanwhile, the oligarchies play into the Empire’s game,” COB leader Juan Carlos Huarachi said. Photos


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