Venezuela & ALBA News 9.10.2021 Cape Verde high court approves Alex Saab extradition to the US; Venezuela talks with opposition progress

Venezuelanalysis: Cape Verde Constitutional Court Approves Extradition of Venezuelan Envoy Alex Saab A member of Saab’s legal team said the “matter was not closed” and the defense would continue to fight to stop his extradition. According to Cape Verde law, Saab could be extradited to the United States to face trial in Florida as early as five days after the court’s ruling has been made official. Simultaneously, legal proceedings are also taking place in the US, with a judge at the 11th Circuit Appeals Court recently granting the prosecution an extra month to respond to a defense appeal challenging the legality of the extradition request.

Peoples Dispatch: update on Mexico negotiations – Venezuelan government and opposition reach partial agreements Jorge Rodríguez reported that representatives from both sides signed the first two agreements to find ways to resolve political differences and address the pressing needs of the Venezuelan people. The first agreement recognizes Venezuela’s sovereignty over Guayana Esequiba, and the second one establishes mechanisms to recover Venezuela’s resources overseas to support the social needs of its population amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With regards to the agreement that allows Venezuela to reclaim its assets abroad and recover its money in foreign accounts, Rodriguez said that “these resources will be immediately used for the economic recovery in the post-pandemic phase, the fight against COVID-19, acquisition of more vaccines, provision of hospitals, strengthening of food programs, and attention in general to the people of Venezuela.”

Orinoco Tribune: President Maduro Responds to “Leftists” Criticizing Mexico Talks Dialogue, instead of violence, is the only way that will resolve political differences and promote a new stage of economic, political and social well-being of Venezuela, said Pres Maduro, in support of the Mexico Talks.The president also referred to some “leftists” who claim to support the Revolution and yet constantly attack the rapprochement with right-wing groups and the insistence of the democratic institutions that the opposition return to the path of democracy.

Orinoco Tribune: Colombia President Iván Duque Attacks Dialogue Between Venezuelan Government and Opposition Duque, one of the main allies of the extreme-right wing led by  Guaidó in Venezuela, lashed out against the partial agreements signed by the Venezuelan government and the extreme right opposition in the dialogue process held in Mexico.

TeleSur: Latin American Experts (CEELA) to Observe the Venezuelan Elections The National Electoral Council (CNE) signed an agreement with the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts (CEELA) for its members to be international observers of the Nov. 21 elections. “These elections are of great importance since they are part of a political understanding process that is taking place in our country to promote peace.”


Resumen Latinoamericao: Cuba: The Island at the Center of the Conspiracy – Interview with Ramón Labañino “We are in the presence of an international media dictatorship, the big media are in the hands of imperialism and now the social networks and the alternative media also use them in a masterful way. They have the capacity, through data engineering, bots, to replicate a tweet millions of times, which is what they have done against Cuba. A ruthless attack on social networks and in the media to show a Cuba that is not real. On the other hand, we have an invasion in our networks to disarticulate our computer systems so that, even, we cannot respond to the lies. The interesting thing is the double purpose, not only that they attack us, but then we cannot defend ourselves because the media belong to them. They are media created by them and they control them at will. Within the CIA, for example, they have a special operations group that is in charge of cyber attacks of this type and there is a group called the Political Action Group (GAP) that organizes, structures and directs this type of attack.


Ben Norton: 2/3rds of Nicaraguans support leftist Sandinista Front: Poll debunks ‘dictatorship’ lie The poll also show that 65.3 % of Nicaraguans believe the most important thing in a democracy is not that the people running the government regularly change, but that “the people have real opportunities to improve their quality of life.” This shows that Nicaragua has a much more mature understanding of democracy than many Global North bourgeois societies, where democracy is taken to mean that you vote every four or five years for a new figurehead who implements the exact same policies in support of corporations, elites, war, and empire. In those “democracies,” the faces change but the anti-poor, pro-rich policies never do.


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