Venezuela & ALBA News 9.23.2022: Speeches at United Nations by Bolivia and Cuba; New USAID operations in Venezuela

Peoples Dispatch: After 3 years under Guaidó’s control, Colombia returns state-owned petrochemical company to Venezuela The Colombian government recognized on September 19 the new management of the Venezuelan company Monómeros, located in Colombia, which had been appointed by the Venezuelan government. This decision marks the return of the company to the Venezuelan state after it spent the last three years controlled by opposition members linked to former deputy Juan Guaidó, with protection from former Colombian President Duque. However, Monómeros can only continue operating through a license that excludes it from the US sanctions list. The US would need to permit the company to remain unaffected by the US’s unilateral measures determined against PDVSA and its subsidiaries.

Mision Verdad: USAID’s New Stage of Pressure and Interference against Venezuela USAID is openly admitting that it will support the formation of an anti-Chavismo candidate to run in elections that it has called “unfree elections” from the beginning. At this point in the political game, we know that when she says “support” she means adjusting one that follows the requirements of the White House. USAID expresses its intention to finance the media and NGOs that want to serve as a platform to give greater substance to the issue of the “migratory crisis” and the “violation of human rights.”

Alex Saab: A Kidnapped Diplomat – new documentary. Watch here


14 Proposals: Speech by Bolivia’s President Luis Arce at the UN General Assembly, September 20, 2022

Kawsachun News: IMF Tells Bolivia to Drop its Successful Economic Model An excellent example of how the IMF tries countries in the poorhouse. Bolivia, while the MAS was in control, was probably the most successful economy in Latin America – by not doing what the IMF recommended. The IMF is like a quack doctor who tries to sell you snake oil.

Orinoco Tribune: Evo Morales: US the Only Pariah That Provokes Coups and Wars The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales criticized the aggressive policy of the US and its role in the conflict in Ukraine. Referring to the nuclear attacks by the US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Morales stressed that the US is the only one that has used atomic weapons against civilians, which killed more than 450,000 people before the end of 1945.“The only pariah is the US that provokes coups and wars in the world.”


Cuban Families Code 2022 – Summary The Cuban national referendum on the new code takes place Sunday.

Cuba will continue to raise its voice to reject domination and hegemonism: Speech by Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, at the UN General Assembly, September 21, 2022

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez In the first 14 months of the Biden administration, the damages caused by the blockade reached $6.364 billion. The U.S. government persists in ignoring the demands of the international community, and has intensified the blockade to unprecedented levels. This has been a failed policy aimed at subverting the constitutional order in Cuba, but it causes unjustifiable shortages, pain, and suffering to Cuban families by limiting access to food, medicines, fuel, and other basic necessities.

TeleSur: Cuba Slams Israel for Destabilizing West Asian Region Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez condemned a new attack by the Israeli regime against Damascus, the Syrian capital, which resulted in the death of five military personnel and some material damage. “I strongly condemn Israel’s constant incursions into Syrian territory, in blatant violation of international laws and endangering stability in the Middle East region,” denounced Rodriguez. The Cuban foreign minister also ratified his country’s support and solidarity with the Syrian government and people in the face of the new Israeli aggression.


NicaNotes: Recent Health Advances in Nicaragua

NicaNotes: Nicaragua a ‘Dictatorship’ When It Follows US Lead on NGOs


Events and Delegations
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September 24: Nicaragua: Peasant Feminism as a Seed for Revolution. More: August 27-October 1 and October 8-29
September 24: Democracy Beyond the US Empire: Foreign Ministers Bruno Rodriguez of Cuba and Carlos Faria of Venezuela, Vijay Prashad

September 24: Nicaragua: Peasant Feminism as a Seed for Revolution
September 25: A Tale of Two Countries: Honduras & Nicaragua Face the Shock Doctrine
September 25: Cuba is our Friend not our Enemy (Massachusetts)
September 26: ¡Viva la solidaridad! Latin America’s Left Leads the Way – Liverpool rally
October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30: Cuban Women of the African Diaspora (videos)

November 24-27: Cuba-US Friendship Meeting, Havana, Cuba
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