Venezuela & ALBA News 9.30.2022: UN Speeches from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras; interviews with Evo Morales, others

Speech by President Nicolás Maduro read by Foreign Minister Carlos Faría at the UN General Assembly, September 24, 2022 The North of the world has to accept the indisputable emergence of new powers and new leaderships such as China, Russia, India, Iran, Turkey. They have to open themselves to the possibility of being part of a multipolar, pluricentric and hegemonism-free world. It is urgent an ethical change in the old powers in favor of the construction of a new common world without colonized or colonizers, where the solutions of our peoples are worked together.

Nicaragua Speech to the UN General Assembly, September 26, 2022 We come to speak on behalf of a heroic, dignified, sovereign, free People, who, together with so many other heroic, dignified, sovereign and free Peoples of the planet, have been demonstrating and exercising our national dignity and sovereignty, faced over centuries with the avarice, the colonial and imperial greed which from Europe and from the North of this wounded Continent, has raged, attacking, intervening in, invading and occupying our Sacred Lands…It is time to do more to make a reality the right of the Peoples to a United Nations Organization that represents us all, one that does not submit to the designs of any imperialist power. It is time to assert a World of dialogue and peace, of justice and solidarity, of brother and sisterhood and genuine, true goodwill, coming together despite our differences and thus enriching our consensus.

Orinoco Tribune: Daniel Ortega’s Response to Chilean President Boric UN Speech Daniel Ortega calls his Chilean counterpart a US “lapdog” after Boric attacked Nicaragua at the United Nations.

President of Honduras Xiomara Castro Speech to UN General Assembly, September 20 The poor nations of the world no longer support coups, we do not support the use of law fare, nor Color Revolutions, usually organized to plunder our vast natural resources. The industrialized nations of the world are responsible for the serious deterioration of the environment, but they make us pay for their onerous lifestyle, and for this, they spare nothing, to plunge us into their plans and into an endless crisis, pretending that we are tied hand and foot.For this reason, this arbitrary world order is unacceptable to us, in which there are third and fourth category countries, while those who think they are civilized do not tire of carrying out invasions, wars, financial speculations and crucifying us with their inflation over and over again

Democracy Now: Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister on U.S. Embargo, Gay Marriage & Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Evo Morales: “There is a Democratic Rebellion throughout Latin America and the Caribbean” (Spanish original) For the empire, who are the terrorists? Social movements. I remember in 2002, the United States Ambassador, Manuel Rocha, said “don’t vote for Evo Morales, Evo Morales is an Andean Bin Laden and the coca growers the Taliban.” So the “terrorists” are now presidents. [ Gabriel ] Boric, who was a student leader; Pedro Castillo, president, peasant rondero, leader of the teaching profession and now president, with difficulties but how we win. I feel that this American doctrine falls apart.

Breakthrough News interview with Venezuelan Foreign Minister: U.S. Gov’t Failed in Regime Change, Failed in Isolating us In his first interview with a U.S. media outlet, the new Foreign Minister sat down with BT’s Rania Khalek during the UN General Assembly. They discussed his personal background in the Venezuelan left, how the Russia-Ukraine conflict has affected his country and how the U.S. effort to isolate Venezuela has instead isolated imperialism in the region.

Democracy Beyond the U.S. Empire video: Venezuela’s new Foreign Minister Carlos Faria speaks at 44:30. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez at 1:16:00. V.J. Prashad at 1:36:20



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