Venezuela & ALBA News #420, 10.14.2022: One Year of US Imprisonment of diplomat Alex Saab; Guaido’s fake government credibility erodes further

US Political Prisoner Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab
Dissident Voice (Roger Harris): Why the US Imprisoned Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab This is an excellent review of the case, and includes new information behind the US scheme. Former US Defense Secretary Mark Esper wrote that Saab is a key asset: “It was important to get custody of him. This could provide a real roadmap for the US government to unravel the Venezuelan government’s illicit plans and bring them to justice.” – reversing the reality, as Venezuela was doing nothing that violated international law, the US was.


Telesur: Venezuela to Hold Indigenous Movement Congress: President Maduro  The Congress of the Indigenous Movement’s New Era will be held in November. Proposed by the United Indigenous Movement of Venezuela (MIUVEN), the Indigenous Congress will invite delegations from Central American countries, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

New York Times: The U.S. Cannot Uphold the Fiction that Juan Guaidó Is the President of Venezuela William Neuman said “even as it negotiates with Mr. Maduro, the White House continues to insist that Juan Guaidó, an opposition politician, is the real president of Venezuela…it is time for the Biden administration to accept that the Guaidó gambit has failed and that most Venezuelans, and most of the international community, have moved on.”

Venezuelanalysis: OAS Vote Exposes Guaidó’s Crumbling Support Guaidó suffered a strong rebuke after 19 countries voted to oust his representation at the latest Organization of American States meeting. Although the measure fell short of the necessary 24 votes to formally oust the self-proclaimed “interim government’s” representative to the OAS, only four countries opposed the motion, with the remainder of the member-states abstaining. Canada, the United States, Guatemala and Paraguay backed the hardline Venezuelan opposition.


The Intercept: Biden State Department Embraces Flawed Logic for Bolivian Coup in Leaked Report Biden administration continues to assert claims of electoral fraud that opened the door for a right-wing takeover of the Bolivian government in 2019. The OAS’s initial analysis has since been discredited by multiple statistical models, nonprofit revues, a peer reviewed academic study, and news outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post, yet continues to be endorsed by the State Department.

from 2013: How the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung [Foundation] was attacking the Evo Morales government in Bolivia The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is financed by the German government. Their representative’s comments here reflected the talking points by those on the “left” (such as environmental groups and Upside Down World) who covered for the regime change operation against Evo Morales and the Movement for Socialism.


NicaNotes: Help Nicaragua Recover from Hurricane Julia!  On October 9, the hurricane made landfall directly on Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Taspa Pauni in the Nicaraguan Southern Caribbean Autonomous Region. It then continued across the country, damaging roads, water, communication and energy systems, homes and schools, with heavy winds followed by torrential rains all over the country, as can be seen in the pictures below. Government preparedness prevented major tragedies during Hurricane Julia. The damage is catastrophic and widespread. Nicaragua needs our help to rebuild.Donate here.


Peoples Forum: Thank you! Aid to Cuba is on it’s way! We’ve received over 600 donations and raised over $100,000. We are sending three 20ft containers filled with zinc roofing material, water tanks, mattresses, basic hygiene supplies and food that will be distributed to over 16,000 people in the hardest hit zones of Pinar del Rio in Cuba. With another donation, it’s possible to send one more container for urgently needed supplies for the Cuban people.


Opposing Sanctions
Help us break the Sanctions Silence: Sanctions – A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy Everyone who donates $25 or more will receive a copy of the 200 page book: Sanctions – A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy. The impact of sanctions on more than 40 countries, one third of the world’s population, was barely discussed in mainstream media. U.S. sanctions from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe have devastated entire nations. The impact of sanctions on Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela creates enormous hardships.


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