Venezuela & ALBA News 10.29.21: US Campaigns against Nicaragua election, Disrupts Venezuelan national reconciliation, Instigates rightwing protests in Cuba

Monthly Review: New Era of US Financial Warfare The recent tightening of the economic blockade on Cuba, plus the related economic sanctions directed at Venezuela, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths there, can be understood only in the context of the new era of financial warfare, which the US has unleashed on targeted countries. A little over a decade and a half ago, in 2004, Washington launched a whole new strategy of financial war, with the creation within the US Treasury Department of the Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, together with the Office of Intelligence and Analysis—the first intelligence office assigned to a treasury department anywhere in the world. These new organizations within the US Treasury were to be the headquarters of a grand strategy utilizing Washington’s financial leverage, based on the role of the US dollar as the hegemonic foreign-exchange currency, to cut off the economic circulation of targeted states. Under this system, every financial institution in the world is now compelled to adhere to the restrictions that the Treasury Department in Washington has instituted on pain of being themselves classified as complicit with money laundering and terrorist actions, and heavily fined (or targeted) by the United States.

AFGJ: AFL-CIO Solidarity Center Funding Skyrockets for Venezuela and ColombiaThe AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center’s activities in Venezuela and Colombia skyrocketed last year. Funding from the mis-named National Endowment for Democracy (NED) soared to almost 60% over the previous year’s awards. Dan Kovalik: “The US government and its regime-change body known as the NED are openly bent on overthrowing the sovereign government of Venezuela. They are not throwing money at the Solidarity Center without expecting it to pursue that end in one manner or the other. The fact that they are increasing monies now to the Solidarity Center necessarily means that it is complying with this purpose. I fear that the AFL-CIA is not a thing of the past but is alive and well today.”

Code Pink (Leonardo Flores): Biden Administration Is Undermining the Venezuela Dialogue  Biden’s seizure of Alex Saab and imprisonment in the US was designed to undermine the positive negotiations and national reconciliation agreements between the Venezuelan government and the opposition. The Maduro government has done a lot to bring the more moderate opposition to the table, and many of their leaders have publicly broken with the Guaidó faction. Moreover, Venezuela is unlikely to do anything else that might threaten the participation of the UN and EU in the elections.

Sputnik News: Alfred de Zayas on Alex Saab: ‘It was a Kidnapping Coupled with Arbitrary Detention and Torture’ Alfred de Zayas, lawyer, writer, historian, and expert at the United Nations on the promotion of a democratic and egalitarian international world order, has denounced the extradition of the businessman and diplomat Alex Saab as a “kidnapping.” He alleges that what the United States has done to its “opponents,” such as Julian Assange, Meng Wanzhou (vice president of Huawei) or Alex Saab, “is a form of state terrorism” that violates international law and due process.

Alex Saab News: Cuba speaks out and calls Alex Saab’s extradition to the U.S. arbitrary“We denounce the arbitrary detention and the politically motivated judicial process of the U.S. against Alex Saab, which constitutes a manipulation of justice and International Law by a government that gives protection to terrorists, assaults and stole funds from the Venezuelan people”, stated Bruno Rodríguez.

Orinoco Tribune: Miami Defenders of Twice US Kidnapped Venezuelan Ambassador, Alex Saab, Rally for his Release (Photos and Videos)On Sunday, October 24th, representatives from more than six independent activist groups led by the Bolivarian Circle of Miami joined forces at the foot of the statue of Latin American hero, Simón Bolívar, in the Miami Torch of Friendship Park, to demand Venezuelan Ambassador Alex Saab’s immediate release from US prison and repatriation to Venezuela.

Orinoco Tribune: US “Justice” Now After Former Minister of Foreign Trade José Vielma Mora and four others – the Goal is to Starve VenezuelansA federal jury in the Southern District of Florida issued a formal indictment on October 7, nine days before the kidnapping of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab from Cape Verde, against three Colombian citizens and two Venezuelans, for their alleged roles in laundering the proceeds of contracts to provide food and medicine to Venezuela, which they allegedly procured through bribes, according to US authorities. CLAP is Maduro administration’s program to provide food to more than seven million Venezuelan households every month. The program has been one of the main targets of the US regime in its illegal sanctions and blockade strategy, aiming to starve to death millions of Venezuelans for the sole purpose of ousting the democratically elected government of Nicolás Maduro.


Tortilla con Sal: In defence of Sandinista Nicaragua
Nicaragua has become targeted by a disinformation campaign and regime change efforts led by Washington. It is important for us as republican activists to not be misled by the disinformation we hear. The western narrative has been that the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) has shifted to the right and became a “dictatorship”. This could not be any further from the truth, so in this article we will look at the achievements of the Sandinista revolution but also the efforts of the pro US far right to stop democracy.

TeleSur: President Daniel Ortega Denounces US Interference in the Nicaraguan ElectionsPresident Daniel Ortega denounced  the U for  interfering in the political process that will culminate in the election of president, lawmakers, and representatives to the Central American Parliament on Nov. 7. Ortega criticized President Biden’s efforts to slander the Nicaraguan government. While the U.S. government has always been  antagonistic towards the Sandinista government, it has ramped up its hostility and imposed new economic sanctions. The Biden administration, the U.S. embassy in Nicaragua, and the Organization of American States have launched a campaign to delegitimize the electoral process. Most likely, the US will try to destabilize the country in case the Sandinista National Liberation Front candidate Daniel Ortega is reelected as President of Nicaragua.


TeleSur: Cuba Shows New Evidence Linking The US To Destabilizing Attempts
On October 26, Cuba’s Communist Party  Secretary of Ideology Rogelio Polanco presented new evidence linking the domestic organizers of a march with U.S.-backed terrorists seeking to destabilize the Cuban revolution. Among the pieces of evidence is a recording of a conversation between the march promoter Yunior Garcia and Raul Sanchez, who participated in the 1976 U.S. terrorist attack on a Cuban plane in Barbados. In that conversation, Sanchez assured Garcia that U.S.-based organizations will offer protesters logistical assistance for their mobilizations, propaganda in U.S.-controlled media to support destabilizing actions on Nov. 15.


Tribune (Jeremy Corbyn): Socialists Are Rebuilding Bolivia
The Bonus Against Hunger initiative began payments to help over four million people, reducing the impact of the pandemic on the most vulnerable families. Other measures include an increase in pensions and a yearly tax on the very rich whose wealth exceeds US$4.3 million, which has helped the Bolivian economy to grow by 5.3 percent in the first four months of 2021. By October more than 60 percent of the country’s population over 18 years of age had had a first vaccine dose, while 47 percent of the population had been double vaccinated.