Venezuela & ALBA News 11.5.2021: The National Security State – Social Media War on Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela; Alex Saab News

Jacobin: Documents Show How the US Government Used Social Media to Intervene in Venezuela [Being a pro-Democratic Party publication, Jacobin repeats already disproven propaganda about Russian election interference, and criticizes Maduro “authoritarianism,” yet the article is another example showing how the national security state works with social media corporations for US coup operations.] The National Democratic Institute claims credit for the opposition’s 2015 success – this strategy “ultimately played an important role in their resounding victory in the 2015 election” and that a “determining factor in the success of the coalition in the parliamentary elections of 2015 was a two-year effort prior to the elections to raise awareness, train and align national and regional structures of communication of all the parties that conform the MUD.”

Venezuelanalysis: Summary of UN Expert’s Full Report on Impact of US-led Sanctions Against Venezuela. Full report here: Report of the Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Alena Douhan – Visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuelanalysis: Advocacy Groups Blast the US Treasury Sanctions Review for Failing to Address Civilian Harm In a joint press release published on Tuesday, three organizations noted that the seven-page review “at no point considers how sanctions hurt millions of human beings as a result of the dire effect […] on entire economies.” Instead, the text focuses on how to “strengthen or modernize” the unilateral measures and link them to a “policy objective.”


Political Prisoner Alex Saab
ALBA-TCP condemns kidnapping of venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab It represents a violation of international law. It is an illegal procedure that violates the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and sets a negative precedent for diplomatic law. Likewise, the Alliance calls for respect for the life and physical integrity of Alex Saab, who is also a permanent representative of the Venezuelan Government at the Dialogue Roundtable being held in Mexico.

Alex Saab fact Sheet

Ultima Noticias: Why are most charges against Alex Saab dropped? But they have maintained the most ambiguous and vague charge, that of “conspiracy to launder money”, an accusation that allows inaccuracies, assumptions and even a lack of evidence. Let no one have the slightest doubt that we are facing a major political setup by the United States that compromises the credibility of an entire country and its justice system.


The Grayzone: Meet the Nicaraguans Facebook falsely branded bots and censored days before elections Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter [working as a tool of the US national security state] suspended hundreds of influential pro-Sandinista journalists and activists days before Nicaragua’s November 7 elections, falsely claiming they were government trolls. The Grayzone interviewed them to reveal the truth. The thousands of accounts censored by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter collectively had hundreds of thousands of followers, and represented some of the biggest and most influential media outlets and organizations in Nicaragua, a relatively small country of 6.5 million people.

Covert Action: Electoral Contras: U.S. Plotting to Sabotage Nicaraguan Democracy Yet Again An in depth review of US interference in Nicaragua elections since 1984, and a through analysis of  the  many methods and money it is using to disrupt this week’s presidential election


TeleSur: Cuba Faces CIA’s Most Complex Cultural Warfare Operation A Cuban government representative said that Cuba has probably been facing up the largest and most complex cultural warfare operation orchestrated by the CIA, promoting a new type of counterrevolution which combines social media, digital communication media, and influence over the cultural sector.

Mint Press News: The United States is Organizing a Color Revolution in Cuba for November 15 The United States government is playing a key role in organizing, promoting and amplifying upcoming nationwide protests in Cuba planned for November 15. What is being attempted appears to be a Cuban-style color revolution. At first glance, the Biden administration’s position on Cuba seems to be a 180-degree change from that of Barack Obama, who moved towards normalizing relations with the Caribbean island. However, Obama was essentially forced into doing so by united opposition across Latin America, which threatened to expel the U.S. from regional bodies if it did not pursue that course. Ten years later, many of those independent-minded governments have been overthrown (often with Washington’s help).

Granma: Cuban President Díaz-Canel speech, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and President of the Republic, at closing of the National Assembly of People’s Power The blockade is not only meant to punish us for our resistance. It is an everyday part of the effort to prevent socialism from being associated with growth, progress or prosperity. No! Socialism is not to blame for our problems. Only socialism can explain the fact that we have survived this ferocious, genocidal siege, without renouncing development…The evidence is there for all to see that the objective has been, from the beginning, to provoke economic hardship, punish the people, erode their standard of living, restrict their sources of income, limit consumption and undermine social services upon which much of their well-being, and the meeting of basic needs, depends. The goal is to condemn the Cuban population to the role of hostage in a genocidal policy with hegemonic designs. This is why Washington is so annoyed by Cuba’s success in confronting the pandemic, in particular the outstanding results of our vaccination program, developed with ingenuity, effort and our own resources. This explains the determination to disparage our public health system and deny this extraordinary achievement of Cuba, which exposes the deceitful portrayal they want to impose on our reality. Every vaccine created and administered, every immunized compatriot, every infection avoided and every life saved are victories for the national cause and defeats of the imperialist aggression against our country. It may seem incredible to describe it that way, but there is no other way to describe the shameless use of a pandemic, with cold political calculation, against an entire people.


Nicaragua delegations announcement 2021-22


November 7: Cuba in Africa
November 15: The Nicaraguan Election, with Camila Escalante and Ben Norton
December 4 (London): Latin America Conference – ¡Adelante! 2021 Peru, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil

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