Venezuela & ALBA News 11.18.2022: Continuing Rightwing Violence in Bolivia; Daniel Ortega: A Gang of Assassins Control the Global Economy

PeoplesWorld (Tom Whitney): Bolivia’s socialist government confronts separatist, racist uprising  This article summarizes the background leading to the rightwing protests, as well as the importance of Santa Cruz to the whole Bolivian economy. 

Orinoco Tribune: Santa Cruz Campesinos Describe Attack on Facilities as Terrorism, Camacho Coup in the Making  The leadership of the Single Trade Union Federation of Campesinos of Santa Cruz described the burning down of its headquarters in the capital of Santa Cruz on Friday as an act of terrorism. “For about five hours we were attacked by paid bandits, who we suppose were brought by governor Luis Fernando Camacho and the Civic Committee. Then the police came to protect us, although I think they could not withstand the attacks; there were about 2,000 people who attacked with dynamite and firecrackers.” Camacho was an active promoter of the coup d’etat against Evo Morales in 2019 and a key figure in Jeanine Anez’s dictatorship, but the Bolivian judicial system has not put him in prison, destabilizing the country and trying to replicate the 2019 coup d’etat now in 2022.

Kawsachun News: Bolivia Human Rights Body Alerts International Human Rights Organizations of Santa Cruz Violence Against Campesinos We want to denounce to international human rights organizations, to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, to United Nations Human Rights, that the campesino and union leaders in the city of Santa Cruz are being threatened, intimidated, persecuted by fascist hordes of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, by people who want to promote a rupture of the democratic order in the country. And it is in this context that we call on you to visit our country urgently, because we want to point out that the human rights of a population that opposes the indefinite strike, of a population that is crying out for work, are being completely violated. A population that is crying out to generate economic resources for their families.

Kawsachun News: Indigenous Movements Call For Fascists To Be Punished The violent right-wing protests began weeks ago demanding that the national census be brought forward by six months. However, the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) says this is just an excuse used by Santa Cruz governor, Fernado Camacho, to try and destabilize the country and launch a second coup d’etat. After the wave of fascist violence on Friday, the government confirmed that there were 15 people detained for carrying out the arson attacks at the headquarters of the Campesino Federation and the COD. “The violence is not going to win, the violence unleashed today only tries to satisfy the personal appetites of Mr. Luis Fernando Camacho and those responsible for the burning of private property and the attacks on Santa Cruz citizens and the Bolivian police. They will face justice,” said the Interior Minister Eduardo del Castillo.


Daniel Ortega: What we are faced with is a gang of assassins who control the global economy, who control atomic weapons and who commit crimes every day If we have to point out here the culprits of the destruction of the planet, of global warming, of the destruction and enslavement of humanity, it is the countries, the nations that were then already developed, wealthy nations, the one that were killing each other to see who could dominate the world.

Nica Notes (Stephen Sefton): Nicaragua in Latin America: The Invisible and Reality In Nicaragua, the population lives the reality of the country’s revolutionary development, of the democratization of the economy, of the modernization of health and education systems, of the transformation of infrastructure and a dynamic reaffirmation of culture, identity and national dignity. However, abroad and in the same region, these tremendous socio-economic victories are practically invisible in the media. It can be instructive to look at this reality in a careful way.


TeleSur: Venezuelan Government Has Built 4.2 Million Homes So Far President Maduro expects to build 500,000 social homes by the end of 2022. This is part of a public policy that aims to deliver 5 million homes by 2024. “The housing mission is the queen of the Revolution’s missions. In good times and bad times, we have guaranteed the rights of the most needy families because we are moved by love…Do not lose faith! We will continue to fulfill dreams! “We are moving forward and we are heading towards five million houses.”

VenezuelaDetailZero: Poverty in Venezuela is reduced in 2022 and stands at 50.5% According to the Social Research Institute of the private Andrés Bello Catholic University, the recovery of the economy in Venezuela led to a reduction in poverty in 2022 and stood at 50.5%, although people’s income inequalities continue to widen. Due to the US blockade, the number of poor in 2021 reached 65.2%; this means there has been a dramatic drop among those in poverty in jut one year. Since the end of last year, the economy has rebounded after the government of President Nicolás Maduro relaxed controls on the economy in 2019 and allowed foreign currency transactions, giving oxygen to various sectors. At present, Venezuela has the highest economic growth in Latin America.


US Political Prisoner diplomat Alex Saab
Covert Action: Biden Administration Wants Kidnapped Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab to “Suffer Like Julian Assange,” according to UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur


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