Venezuela & ALBA News 12.3.2021: Inspiring Honduras Victory; US Defeated in Venezuela Election; Huge anti-Coup Mobilization in Bolivia

Orinoco Tribune: ALBA-TCP “12 Years After the Coup, These Elections are an Example of Courage and Resistance” “We congratulate the resounding victory of the Honduran people, who have restored hope through these elections 12 years after the coup,” Llorenti wrote. “The first female President of Honduras, @XiomaraCastroZ, is an example of resistance and courage. Long live our great homeland!”


US Political Prisoner Alex Saab
Mint Press News video: Camila Saab Speaks Out: Wife of Venezuelan Diplomat “Kidnapped” by US Gov’t Talks to MintPress

Video: Free Alex Saab Presentationby Camila Saab, Roger Harris (Task Force on the Americas), Laila Tajeldine (a Saab lawyer), Pedro Carvajalino (media activist)


Code Pink (Leonardo Flores): Five Reasons the Left won in Venezuela
For the 5th  time in four years, the left won in a landslide. Voters elected 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 state legislators and 2,471 municipal councillors. The governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won at least 19 of 23 governorships. However, it must be added that the turnout was the lowest turnout in the last five regional elections,  and it is the first time in these regional elections that the  opposition parties won more of the vote than the Chavista parties.

Orinoco Tribune: Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America (CEELA) reports Venezuela’s Electoral Process Met International Standards

Common Dreams: Surreal’: Biden Invites Venezuelan Coup Leader Juan Guaidó to US ‘Summit for Democracy’Biden’s invitation of Guaido to the so-called Summit for Democracy — a development that critics say illustrates the “cynical, hypocritical, and completely counter-productive” nature of the upcoming meeting.

Novara Media (Ricardo Vaz): Maduro Keeps Winning in VenezuelaThese elections were significant because they marked the return of the US-backed right wing; having boycotted the 2018 presidential and 2020 congressional elections, opposition parties decided to participate in the ballot. Their gamble didn’t pay off. To maintain its political hegemony, the PSUV leveraged two main assets: its solid base and splintered opposition. The Chavistas  can point to an increased turnout of 42%, significantly higher than the 30% registered in December 2020. Moreover, having rejected previous invitations, the European Union sent a mission to observe the recent election.

TeleSur: President Maduro Urges To Lead Venezuela From Popular Power “We must govern to build the People’s new power from Venezuelan Socialism. I will insist on this a thousand times: we must build a new system of government that goes beyond the bourgeois representative democracy.” Maduro highlighted the dire consequences of the U.S. blockade but called on mayors and governors to end that negligence that characterizes some authorities who settle into power without listening to the people. The president asked subnational authorities not to be “an obstacle” for the emergence of new leaderships and appealed to them to ease the way for those who have new projects and ideas. “We have to be a permanent instrument of renewal, improvement, and strength. None of us should become an obstacle that prevents new leaderships”, he said, stressing that those who do not allow the emergence of new leaders “are killing the future of Homeland.”


Peoples Dispatch: Over 1.5 million Bolivians march in defense of democracy and President Arce’s government
The workers, women, students and peasants from across Bolivia joined the rally in the capital and expressed their approval of the national government of the ruling Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party, and their rejection of the destabilization attempts by the far-right opposition sectors.The march was presided over by former president and the current head of MAS, Evo Morales. It was led by the Pact of Unity, a national alliance of grassroots organizations, and the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB), the country’s trade union center. Numerous social movements, trade union federations of different sectors, neighborhood associations, popular organizations, which are not affiliated with the Pact of Unity and the COB, also joined the march and the rally.

TeleSur: Bolivia President Arce  – Latin America Must Unite To Face Coup Threats“The challenge for the revolutionary parties is to make regional integration and cooperation a reality amidst the harassment of extremist anti-popular sectors, which seek to overthrow progressive politicians,” Arce stated and recalled the U.S. support to the 2019 coup led by Jeanine Añez in his country. “The ties of the domestic bourgeoisie with U.S. interests are stronger than ever. That union makes them speak the same language, set the same priorities, and act the same way,” the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) leader added.


Jacobin: Cuba’s Vaccine Could End up Saving Millions of Lives
Thanks to its public biotech sector and its government’s deep commitment to public health, Cuba is now the only low-income country to have made its own COVID vaccine. It’s already helped millions of Cubans, and it’s poised to help millions more around the world. The saga suggests a path forward for the developing world as it continues struggling with the pandemic in the face of ongoing corporate-driven vaccine apartheid, and points more broadly to what’s possible when medical science is decoupled from private profit. Cuba decided to pursue a more traditional protein vaccine rather than the more experimental mRNA technology used for the COVID vaccines.


December 4 (London): Latin America Conference – ¡Adelante! 2021
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