Venezuela & ALBA News 12.9.2022: Venezuela and Latin America leaders Stand with Pedro Castillo, Christina Fernandez and Julian Assange

Ultima Noticias: President Maduro: 10 years on we can say Chávez we have not failed you!
The Day of Loyalty and Love for Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez on the 10th anniversary of his last speech to the population, December 8, 2012. “Chavez knew what was coming in the future and we never failed him nor will we fail him. In these 10 years we have deposited our soul in the capacity of the people of Venezuela who have given a historic battle against the sanctions and the blockade,” he said. Meléndez: Chávez left precise guidelines for the route to socialism.

Ultima Noticias: President Maduro, “Chávez will always be the theoretical and spiritual leader of the revolution” Transcript of an interview with Nicolas Maduro about the lead-up to Hugo Chavez final speech to the people.

Cabello: We Are Waiting for the Venezuelan People’s Assets to be Released He recalled that the seized money is in the hands of the right wing and urged them to return the assets to the people: “We are here waiting for the money to appear… They say that they have it protected. They have stolen it, it is a lie… They must release it so that it can be used in Venezuela. We are waiting for them to comply.” Close to $30 billion has been stolen from Venezuela.

Ultima Noticias: Diosdado Cabello: coup against Pedro Castillo was orchestrated by the US “A coup d’état more organized by the US is consummated,” he said, noting that the dismissal of Pedro Castillo, whom he accused of “betraying his people,” is part of the offensive promoted by the White House in the face of the advance of governments of left in the region. “They accused that man of being from the left, and I say they accused him because that man denied being from the left and tried to agree with the right and it happened to him like everyone who arrives with the popular vote and turns his back on the people; They are going to knock it down as it happened there.” “Tepidity in politics does not give results.”

Ultima Noticias: Maduro expresses his solidarity with Cristina Fernández after she is sentenced to prison “From Venezuela we express our firm rejection of the permanent media and political persecution to which the Vice President @CFKArgentina has been subjected. Sooner rather than later the truth will prevail and the voice of the Argentine people will be respected. #TodosConCristina”, wrote the National President. The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP) condemned the sentence against the vice president of Argentina, and asserted that this sentence is an attack against the country’s democracy.


Multipolarista: US youth observe Cuba’s elections – and learn about real democracy A delegation of youth from the United States observed Cuba’s November 2022 municipal elections and offer an inside look into a people’s democracy, where workers decide who will govern them, not wealthy oligarchs and corporations. (For an in depth look at democracy in Cuba, see the works of Arnold August).

Granma: The magic of an unchangeable friendship The presidents of Cuba and Russia inaugurated a monument to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in the square of the same name in Moscow. The Cuban president described the political dialogue between the Russian Federation and Cuba as “excellent.”


US Political Prisoner Alex Saab
Alex Saab Hearing December 12: Fightback News: Protests call to “Free Alex Saab,” jailed in Miami An important hearing takes place on Monday, December 12 in the case of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. With solidarity activists planning to protest outside the Federal Court building in Miami chanting, “Free Alex Saab,” inside a judge will hear arguments from Saab’s defense that should force him to be set free. Saab’s defense will assert his status as a Special Envoy to the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. As a special envoy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, he is immune to prosecution by the U.S. government.

Multipolarista: ‘Free Julian Assange!’ say Latin America’s leftist leaders: Lula, AMLO, Petro, Maduro, Daniel Ortega, Kirchner, Evo, Zelaya A movement is growing in Latin America to demand the freedom of political prisoner Julian Assange, the Australian journalist persecuted by the United States for his work exposing its war crimes. Most of the major leftist leaders in Latin America have called for Assange to be released from the maximum-security British prison where he has been held since 2019 and subjected to torture. Current and former Latin American presidents who have expressed their support for the beleaguered journalist include Brazil’s Lula da Silva, Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Argentina’s Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Colombia’s Gustavo Petro, Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, Bolivia’s Evo Morales, and Honduras’ Manuel Zelaya.


NicaNotes: Sign-on Letter: Supporting Nicaragua’s Sovereignty, Honoring Its Achievements! November 10, President Biden declared Nicaragua a continuing “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,”  continuing Trump’s policy. We are asking for your help to de-escalate hostility against the people of Nicaragua.  Will you endorse the statement below entitled “SUPPORTING NICARAGUA’S SOVEREIGNTY, HONORING ITS ACHIEVEMENTS,” and forward this message to friends and organizations?  To endorse, just send an email to , providing your full name, your organization (if any), and whether you are signing as an individual or on behalf of your organization. Collection of signatures is ongoing.


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