Venezuela & ALBA News 2.25.2022 Venezuela and Nicaragua Stand with Russia against US Provocations in Ukraine

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Gives Full Support to Putin & Criticizes US and NATO Militarism (This is before war broke out) President Maduro stated, “Venezuela announces its full support for President Vladimir Putin, in defense of peace in Russia and the region, and in the brave defense of his people and his homeland. All our support for President Putin. All our support for Russia.
We have been attentive to the events in Russia and in Ukraine, and we have been observing, not just now, but the whole evolution of the process where the North American empire and NATO intend by military means to end Russia, and to end this multipolar world that is already a reality..
The old colonialisms of Europe and the United States attack Russia, China and Iran, they threaten Turkey and Latin America, they also attack Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Venezuela. The old colonialisms, the old superiority complexes of Europe and the old complexes of rapacious colonialism represented by NATO and the neo-colonialism of the US empire…
The US “since the emergence of the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, has been preparing a strategic policy to surround, threaten and finish off Russia militarily…Venezuela announces all its support in defense of Russia”…
“Putin has managed to recover in a decade, already by 2010 Russia showed signs of economic, financial, energy, and military strength. In a decade he achieved a record in the positioning of Russia as a new power for peace, as a new power of the multipolar world.” Maduro said that it was then that NATO began to breach the previously established agreements on the non-expansion of its military forces “in an offensive scheme” towards Eastern Europe.
“The Lugansk Territory and the Donetsk Territory assumed the functions of People’s Republics to defend themselves from a massacre that the fascist sectors, which had seized power in Ukraine, began to carry out. Hunting men, hunting women, assaulting families, bombing with heavy weapons.“
Putin “has repeatedly tried to engage in “direct dialogues with the rulers of Ukraine to establish bases of understanding and resolution to conflicts. However, the fascist elite that carried out the coup in Ukraine, and the groups that have taken power in the country, on different occasions have stayed away from diplomacy, respect, and dialogue, preferring to join plans to surround Russia militarily and act aggressively.”
The imperial powers “are intending to surround Russia, point all NATO weapons at them so that at some point the conditions arise to attack and destroy them. And what does the world want? That President Putin sits by idly, that he does not act in defense of his people?” The Venezuelan president asked himself, emphasizing his support for the Kremlin and the Russian peoples.

Ultima Noticias: Venezuela expresses its concern over the worsening of the crisis in Ukraine

Regrets “the mockery and breach” of the Minsk Agreements by NATO Venezuela called for dialogue to resolve the conflict. Venezuela regrets “the mockery and breach” of the Minsk Agreements by NATO “promoted by the United States.”

Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela and Iran Deepen Hydrocarbon Alliance, Blast US Sanctions “The memorandum of understanding reached with Venezuela covered the renovation and modernization of oil and gas refineries, the transfer of technology and the provision of technical and engineering services.” However, in January oil production and exports declined slightly, registering 668,000 bpd and 416,387 bpd, respectively.(On the other hand, the price of oil is now over $100 a barrel and rising). Caracas’ top diplomat also met with officials from Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria, Mozambique, Azerbaijan and Equatorial Guinea to establish cooperation routes in the energy sector.



US Political Prisoner Alex Saab
Puerto Rican hero Oscar Lopez Rivera says “Join the Campaign to Free Alex Saab” sign on to join the campaign!



Daniel Ortega comments on Ukraine during Speech on the Anniversary of the Murder of Sandino “President Putin has taken a step today (2/21), whereby what he has done is to recognize a couple of Republics which since coup in 2014, when the coup took place in 2014, these Republics bordering Russia did not recognize the coup government and they created their own governments there, they set up their governments, they took on that fight, they have engaged in that struggle for independence. They have written to us, sending us messages explaining why they are waging this struggle. And meanwhile Ukrainian troops are looking for ways to overcome them [people in the provinces that want independence], to liquidate them, to murder them; there have been thousands of deaths there over all these years. So, taking into account that there are Russian populations there, the majority of the population in those provinces is Russian; then, what President Putin has done is to recognize those governments, because they have their governments, despite the aggression by the Ukrainian army, they have not been able to defeat them. So he has recognized these governments, and of course this also implies military support so that these governments have security.”



Reuters: Russia postpones Cuba debt payments amid warming relations Russia has agreed to postpone some debt payments owed to it by communist-run Cuba until 2027. The loans, worth $2.3 billion and provided to Cuba by Russia between 2006 and 2019, helped underwrite investments in power generation, metals and transportation infrastructure. Cuba “reiterates its position against the unilateral and unjust sanctions imposed by the West on the Eurasian country and against the expansion of NATO towards the Russian borders.”

Granma: Delivering justice is much more than handing down sentences (Information on the trials of some of those arrested for violent conduct during the anti-government protests). Everyone has had the opportunity to speak, to testify before the court, to express their views, both defendants and witnesses. No one has been coerced. It is the last day of the trial, and both the prosecution and the defense present their final oral arguments before the court, their view of what they consider evident. The defendants can also make use of the right to the last word, or waive this; it is their decision, respected at all times. Subsequently, the judges present during the debate must agree on the verdict and the sentence.The defendants have the right to appeal to another higher level court.



March 16: Cuba Today and the 2022 Cuba MayDay Work Brigade
March 18-20 International US-Cuba Normalization Conference 



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