Venezuela Weekly News 8.27.2021: Extreme Right weakened in Dialogue; New US Maneuvers in Alex Saab case

Orinoco Tribune: The Right Wing Was Forced to Resume the Path of Dialogue The opposition sectors have been forced to resume the path of dialogue because of the defeat that the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution have inflicted on them.

Orinoco Tribune: Datanálisis Poll – Was 2021 Better or Worse for Venezuela?  “Despite the fact that more than 90% of Venezuelans indicate that the situation in the country is bad or very bad,” noted León, “when you ask them what their life or personal situation is like, more than 50% tell you that it is better than before…Basically, because they feel that there is a change that has to do with the de facto dollarization of the economy, which allows them to seek alternatives.”



Political Prisoner Alex Saab
Dissident Voice (Roger Harris): Venezuelan Diplomat Alex Saab Fights Latest US Extradition Maneuvers Alex Saab continues to fight the flagrant attempt of extra-territorial judicial overreach by the US, seeking to frame-up and imprison a recognized diplomat. In response to Saab’s recent appeal to the US 11th Circuit Court, the US filed on August 24 an application for an extension to reply on October 7. This legal delaying tactic is likely a US ploy to allow Saab’s pending extradition without recognizing his diplomatic immunity. 

Ultima Noticias: Alex Saab assures that Venezuela will win this battle (statement by Alex Saab) “For those who imagine that my speech or integrity will change if I am extradited, let me shatter that illusion. My integrity does not vary with the weather or the type of torture. Venezuela is sovereign. It is the country that adopted me. It is [the nation] for which all decent people fight, and we do not go around the world lying and demanding sanctions against the people. Venezuela will win this battle, whether in Cape Verde or in North America, we will win, and I hope to see that the sanctions end soon, and that priority will continue to be given to the people who need at least 30 years of victories—electoral victories, led by a people united around the PSUV and our President Nicolás Maduro Moros. So drop this belief that… I will sing like a tenor… Lose that ridiculous illusion. Firstly, because there is nothing to sing about, and secondly, because as I have said many times, I will never betray the country I serve.”

Venezuelanalysis Infographic: The Blockade Against Venezuela: Measures and Consequences An infographic breaking down Washington and its allies’ economic aggression against Caracas.

Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Delivers new Report to International Criminal Court on Damage caused by US and European Union Sanctions Venezuela has submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) a new report containing evidence on the damage caused by the illegal sanctions—the unilateral coercive measures imposed by authorities of the United States and the European Union. The report also provides evidence on how the United States government and the European Union have intentionally issued them in order to make the Venezuelan people suffer painful situations, to create conditions for overthrowing the constitutionally elected government of President Maduro.

Liberation News: Venezuela: Satellites, space activities and the anti-imperialist struggle After much investment, determination, and assistance from other countries, particularly China, Venezuela now manages the Simon Bolivar, Miranda and Sucre satellites. The technological advancements and the space program are a massive achievement necessary for formerly colonized nations, and have brought benefits in telecommunications and peaceful development to the people of a historically underdeveloped region of the world. It’s hard to overstate the political significance for a country like Venezuela, which is now able to fully direct the management of its own natural resources. Venezuela does not have to rely on foreign corporations for information about its own mineral wealth.

Orinoco Tribune: Second Flight with 30 Tons of Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Haiti This is the second flight with 30 tons of humanitarian aid sent by Venezuela. The first arrived in Haiti on August 16.



Delegations to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba
Nov. 17-27: Delegation to Venezuela – witness effects of sanctions and responses on the ground in the context of the 2021 Venezuela regional elections
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Witness for Peace 2021 delegations to Cuba
IFCO Pastors for Peace Delegations to Cuba
Code Pink delegation to Cuba December 4-11



Ben Linder Solidarity School every Saturday  A 10-week virtual course to study and strengthen solidarity with Nicaragua and its popular organizations like the Asociación de Trabajadores del Campo (Rural Workers’ Association), and international movements like La Via Campesina. This course is meant for anyone who is interested in strengthening internationalism and accompanying social movements.
August 28: US Peace Council – Imperialism’s Intensified Military and Economic Warfare against Latin America
August 29: Let Cuba Live – Ending US Aggression Against Cuba is Key to World Peace
August 31: Conversation with Héctor Bejar, Perú’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs
His requested resignation as Peru’s foreign minister is undoubtedly the first and hardest blow against the current government of President Castillo and the process of change that the president is trying to promote.
September 1, Code Pink webinar: Hybrid War, Sanctions & US Regime Change in Nicaragua Vijay Prashad, Jill Clark-Gollub, Alex Main
September 12: Partners in Crime: the US-Canada Hybrid War Against Venezuela Mariá Páez Victor
September 12: North American Activists Speak Out on US Sanctions on Africa and Latin America Sara Flounders, Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture, Omowale Clay, Margaret Flowers 



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