Venezuela & ALBA News 11.12.2021 US War on ALBA Countries: Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia

US War on Cuba

TeleSur: World Leaders Sign Letter Opposing Planned US Subversion in CubaTeleSur reproduces in full a letter signed by hundreds of world leaders and personalities in solidarity with the Cuban people and government up against the full-fledged destabilization attempts planned for November 15.

World map of US backed rallies against Cuba on November 15

New Cold War: Cuban leader – The US Government is the True Organizer and Promoter of the Planned Provocation for November 15 in Cuba (plus video) “The precise arguments were offered on the illegal nature of the march according to articles 56, 45 and 4 of the Constitution. Among the reasons expressed, it was clearly established that the public projections of the promoters and their links with subversive organizations or agencies financed by the United States government have the manifest intention of promoting a change in the political system in Cuba, so that the the announced march constitutes a provocation as part of the regime change strategy tested by the United States in other countries.”

Granma: The United States government is the real organizer of November provocation “The US government is the real organizer of the provocation staged for November. The facts and statements prove it. High government officials are directly involved in its promotion. The US government threatened new measures against Cuba if its local operators are not allowed to act with impunity. Cuba does not accept threats, nor does it allow itself to be intimidated; our history of resistance and dignity confirms this. Keep your threats to yourselves, we are not afraid.”

MintPress News: The United States is Organizing a Color Revolution in Cuba for November 15 The protests in July were the largest and most significant on the island since the 1990s. However, although they garnered widespread media attention and the support of celebrities, politicians, and even the president of the US, they quickly fizzled out. While presented as a spontaneous uprising against oppression, they were actually organized in a forum controlled by the Cuban American community in Florida. The US government openly supported the protests in July. This time, however, it is backing them even before they have started.

At first glance, the Biden administration’s position on Cuba seems to be a 180-degree change from that of Barack Obama, who moved towards normalizing relations with the Caribbean island. However, Obama was essentially forced into doing so by united opposition across Latin America, which threatened to expel the U.S. from regional bodies if it did not pursue that course. Ten years later, many of those independent-minded governments have been overthrown (often with Washington’s help).


US War on Venezuela

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Venezuelanalysis: Venezuela: Oil Output Reaches 18-Month High Following New Alliance with Iran A swap agreement with Iran has allowed Venezuela’s oil output to reach its highest level since hitting decades’ lows in 2020. According to the latest Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) monthly report, October production was 590,000 oil barrels per day (bpd), an uptick from September’s 533,000 bpd, as measured by secondary sources. For its part, state oil company PDVSA reported 756,000 bpd, 106,000 bpd up from the previous month.

Orinoco Tribune: Historic Document: International Criminal Court Respects Venezuela’s Sovereignty (Memorandum of Understanding) The ICC signing of the statement makes official their recognition of the Venezuelan government as the actual Venezuelan government, something the US, Britain and some others refuse to do.


US War on Nicaragua

Nan McCurdy: US Dirty Tricks Fail to Derail Nicaraguan Democracy The FSLN won by a landslide with 75.92% of the vote. Voter turnout was 65.23% of all eligible voters, higher than in the last U.S. election where voter turnout is measured by registered, not eligible voters. (In fact, only 72% of eligible US voters are registered).

Orinoco Tribune: Luis Almagro Dusts Off Coup Script and Targets Nicaragua The secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, posted a message on his Twitter account revealing his intention of promoting a new coup d’état in the region—this time in Nicaragua—following the incontestable results that confirmed the victory of Daniel Ortega in the Central American country’s elections this week. “We reject the results of the illegitimate elections in #Nicaragua,” Almagro wrote on Twitter. “I urge the countries of @OEA_oficial to respond to this clear violation of the Democratic Charter during their #OEA Assembly.”


US War on Bolivia

TeleSur: ‘We Won’t Allow Another Coup’, Bolivian President Arce Warns President Luis Arce warned far-right organizations that the Bolivian people will not allow a coup to overthrow his administration.During a rally with thousands of people held in Shinahota municipality in the Cochabamba department, he recalled that Santa Cruz Civic Committee President Romulo Calvo brazenly and openly said that “the government of Lucho Arce must be overthrown.” In response to this threat, however, the MAS leader said, “Brothers… we will not allow that.” Present at this massive rally called by Cochabamba’s six farmers’ federations were also former President Evo Morales and Senate President Andronico Rodriguez, both of whom ratified their support for the democratically elected government.

TeleSur: Right-Wing Strike Is Rejected by Popular Organizations Bolivian unions, farmers federations, and Indigenous organizations rejected the call for a national strike made by right-wing organizations such as the Santa Cruz Committee and the Democracy National Council (CONADE). Since October, the Bolivian opposition has called for protests against the Arce administration’s Law 1386, arguing that this instrument against money laundering and terrorism financing will lead to the installation of an authoritarian regime.



November 15 rallies: Free Alex Saab in Chicago, New York City, Vancouver, Miami

November 15: New York City: Rally in Solidarity with Cuba



November 15: Mass Peace Action – The Nicaraguan Election with Camila Escalante and Ben Norton. Venezuela

November 29: Elections in Latin America: Beyond Pink Tide vs Monroe Doctrine

December 4 (London): Latin America Conference – ¡Adelante! 2021 Peru, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil


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