Call for Art Submissions For Tear Down the Wall

CALL FOR ART SUBMISSIONS to advance social movements!

Artists are called to bear heart. Social movements call on the heart to move souls. “Tear Down the Walls” is building a week of actions that join social movements together across the nation in uniting local actions for global justice and a national gathering bringing thousands of people to Tucson the first weekend in November. Getting there and beyond, we need artists willing to design for heart and soul to “Tear Down the Walls.”

The Alliance For Global Justice (AFGJ) in deep collaboration with many partnering allies, is organizing this “Tear Down the Walls” national gathering and week of action in November and are in need of a logo. Instead of creating it, AFGJ is calling on the talents of artists, graphic designers and radicals to come up with designs. AFGJ prefers collaboration over competition alone and is encouraging folks to create artwork that comes out of a cooperative process or has been made with feedback from a community, is deeply rooted in organizing, is individually expressive of their interest with the concept or shows a lot of love and solidarity for social movement art. One main logo will be used broadly but other logos and artwork will be used appropriately in some promotion, displayed during the event and some filling important roles in days of action. Feel free to cater towards specific themes or supporting social movements that grab your interest. There will be modest unspecified tokens of gratitude for the creators of the logos chosen for use that will range from our deep and humble thanks to travel and lodging during the event plus getting to see your work in promotion material, shirts, programs, posters, buttons, bags and more; including possible paid opportunities. All submissions are considered Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-

ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


“Oct. 28- Nov. 3, 2013, is the week of action for global justice ending with a Tear Down The Walls National Gathering in Tucson, AZ. The week of action for global justice will have daily focuses under the theme of “Tear down the walls!” Every day during the week preceding the conference we will highlight major walls that need tearing down, like Wall Street, the US/ Mexico border wall, Israeli Apartheid Wall, the walls of oppression/ racism/ sexism/ homophobia, the walls of the prison industrial complex, Walmart, walls to employment and the walls that prevent the movements becoming united. These daily local actions are designed to facilitate cross movement support and education as well as focusing direct actions with multiple avenues for participation. The gathering will focus the themes from the week with more than a hundred grassroots workshops people can choose to attend in different generalized tracks as well as large plenaries and chances for cross movement alliances. Finishing off Sunday, there is the opportunity in joining Tucson’s Dia de los Muertos festival that tens of thousands traditionally come to each year. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.”

All work is welcome of any kind or variety be it sculpture, performance, video, photography, painting or graphic design. The need for versatility with the main logo demands an ability to manipulate it as needed as a digital file therefore submissions that are made in graphic design programs are preferred. Logo entries should include the words “Tear Down The Walls” and different varieties on the same theme that include things like the date, the words “National Gathering,” the website “” and “Tucson” are encouraged. The logo should be scalable either by having them be large sized images or vector images and text.

Entries that don’t fit into that box will be appreciated equally but likely will not be used for the main logo, though they may be featured. The selection of the logo will be made by the Tear Down the Walls Coordinating Committee or designated subcommittee and the artwork will be evaluated on it’s own merit but selected according to the needs of the organizers rather than judged by artist peers.

The submission deadline is March 15th for selection as the main promotional logo with the announcement of the selection within two weeks. Submissions that come in after the deadline will be accepted for other uses. E-mail submissions to, please put as the subject “Tear Down the Walls art submission,” including a short bio and links to other artwork is encouraged. By e-mailing a submission, you agree to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Thank you,
Bruce Wilkinson
AFGJ National Grassroots Coordinator