International Solidarity Address to the National Conference for the Liberty of the Political Prisoners in Bogotá, Colombia

by James Jordan, Alliance for Global Justice My name is James Jordan and I work for the Alliance for Global Justice and am a member of the Coordinating Committee of the National Network in Solidarity with the Political Prisoners (of Colombia). There is nothing we want more for the Colombian people than an end to…

War on Venezuela: Washington’s False Accusations Against The Chavez Government

By Eva Golinger (This article was originally published in Postcards from the Revolution at .) Ever since the US-supported coup attempt against President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela failed in April 2002, Washington has been pursuing a variety of strategies to remove the overwhelmingly popular South American head of state from power.

US Right Wing Attacks Nicaragua

Contact your representatives! Send your Senators and Representative the article below responding to allegations of fraud in Nicaragua’s Nov. 6 presidential election. Include your own note saying you will not tolerate a return to the policies of the 1980s when the US made economic, political and proxy war on Nicaragua, the hemisphere’s second poorest country.…