Foreign Influence in Elections is Wrong: Ours or Theirs

Abolish the NED and Return USAID to development: Call your elected officials and candidates! Challenge your leaders to support democracy! The political class – at least the Democrat part of it – is all aghast at the possibility that contributions by foreign corporations are tainting our electoral system. The Alliance for Global Justice Respect for…

Colombian Political Prisoner Enters 30th Day of Hunger Strike in the Infamous Tramacua Penitentiary

Today, Felix Rodrigo Sanabria completes one month of a hunger strike amid the squalid conditions of La Tramacua. La Tramacua is the first prison built under a US designed program to restructure Colombia’s prison system and increase its capacity by 40 percent. The Alliance for Global Justice has just received an urgent alert from our…

July/August Global Justice Monitor Now Available

We have just released our July/August edition of the Global Justice Monitor. It includes the following articles: US Military Surge in Costa Rica Six Months After the Quake Organizers’ Conference Building a Movement Against US Militarism Day of Action Against US Militarism News from Nicaragua To read the latest edition, please click here.

Join the Central American Independence Day Delegation to Honduras

Join Alliance for Global Justice Co-Coordinator Chuck Kaufman and be part of the ongoing accompaniment and solidarity presence in Honduras. September 15 (Central American Independence Day) is the day that the Honduran Resistance will present the results of the Consulta calling for a Constitutional Assembly. Delegates will meet with members of the Platform for Human…

March/April Global Justice Monitor Now Available

We have just released our March/April edition of the Global Justice Monitor. It includes the following articles: Same Plan (Puebla Panama), New Name Colombia: Occupation of Police Station Ends Paramilitary U The Center of Nicaragua Venezuelan Ambassador Responds to US Report News from Nicaragua Click here to read the complete document now.

Join the AFGJ Delegation to Colombia!

Eyewitness Investigation–Is the US Funding a War on Colombian Farmers? August 1 through 11, 2010 This will be a working delegation, producing a comprehensive report on conditions faced by Colombian farmers and how these are affected by US policies. We will collect testimonies and investigate how rural, indigenous and Afro-Colombian lands are being cleared for…

Delegation to Honduras (June 24- July 1, 2010)

This message was originally released by the Quixote Center. The people of Honduras request our accompaniment as they mark the first anniversary of the coup d’état and emergence of the Honduran Resistance Movement. After one year of relentless repression, the resistance movement is strong, resilient and advancing the dream of social change.