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The purpose of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is to expose and oppose US government and corporate intervention in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs; to mobilize US residents to demand that relations between the two countries be based on peace and respect; and, to promote people-to-people exchanges between our two countries.

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AfGJ is a member of the Campaign to End US & Canada Sanctions Against Venezuela. The campaign invites you and/or your organization to endorse this call against the illegal, unjust and cruel sanctions being inflicted on the people of Venezuela.

URGENT Action Needed! Oppose US & Canada Regime Change Efforts in Venezuela

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Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #208, 5.11.2018: Call for Solidarity Against Increased US Threats

International Call from Social Movements of ALBA: Venezuela Heart of America: Maduro YES Trump NO Haley, Pence Convey US Message on Venezuela: Only Election Worth Holding is One that Results in Regime Change Venezuela Rejects New US Sanctions as Pence Demands Suspension of Elections Maria Perez Victor: Who is Afraid of Venezuelan Democracy? Workers World: New…

Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #207 May 4, 2018: May Day Mobilizations in Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela

US Stresses Interventionist Plan in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela Tortilla con Sal: Nicaragua Regains Its Balance After Social Reform Protests (April 28) Tortilla con Sal: Parade of the Hyprocrites – media coverage of Nicaragua and its Opposition May Day in Cuba Venezuelans March on May Day in Support of Maduro & Bolivarian Revolution Cuba: Honoring Working…

Venezuela-ALBA Weekly April 27, 2018 What Lies Behind the Nicaragua Unrest?

Venezuela ALBA News

The News This Week Dan Kovalik: The US Role in Nicaragua Venezuelan Opposition Backs Nicaragua’s Protests; Chavez Monument in Nicaragua Destroyed Nicaragua Network/Alliance for Global Justice Statement on Unrest in Nicaragua Tortilla con Sal: Nicaragua: Next in Line for Regime Change? Cuba’s Bruno Rodriguez at Americas Summit: “The US is the Author of all Despotic Regimes in…

AFGJ Venezuela ALBA Weekly 4.20.2018 Reports and Speeches from Summit of Americas and Peoples Summit

Evo Morales Venezuela Weekly

The News This Week Final Declaration of the 2018 Peoples’ Summit in Lima, Peru Lima Summit of Americas: US, its Neo-Colonial Allies and Vz Opposition Agree on More Sanctions, divided on US Intervention VenAnalysis on Americas Summit: Cuba & Bolivia Stand by Venezuela Amid US Threats Raul Castro’s Final Speech as Head of State of…

Venezuela – ALBA Weekly 4.13.2018: Venezuela Condemns US Attack on Lula; Bolivia “Attack on Syria Would be Attack on Entire UN System”

The News This Week “The aggression against the former Brazilian leader is a continental movement directed by the intelligence services of the United States to criminalize social movements against the expansion of the North American empire,” ‘Attack on Syria Would be Attack on Entire UN system’ – Bolivia’s UN envoy Venezuela Embassy; Venezuela Briefing April…

Venezuela Weekly 4.6.2018 West’s Blatant Double Standard on Israel and Venezuela

Sign Petition for Julian Assange In Depth Report on March Todos Somos Venezuela Conference by Fire This Time Miguel Rodriguez Torres is a Human Rights Violator and Enemy of Popular Movements who has Aligned Himself with Venezuela’s Violent Right-Wing Opposition Venezuela Condemns Israeli Crimes in Gaza Granma: Israeli Violence Against Palestinians Causes Global Outrage Venezuela…

AFGJ Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 3.30.2018 UN Human Rights Council Condemns Sanctions on Venezuela

Venezuela Solidarity

The News This Week UN Human Rights Council Condemns Sanctions Against Venezuela TeleSur interviews Danny Glover in Caracas Nicanotes: Venezuela Solidarity is Nicaragua Solidarity Nicanotes: Venezuela Solidarity is Nicaragua Solidarity Chomsky, Others Demand Ecuador #ReconnectJulian, Respect Assange’s ‘Right to Freedom of Speech’ Venezuelan Ex-Minister Rodriguez Torres Arrested Over Links to Terrorists and US AFGJ Venezuela…

Venezuela Webinar This Tuesday: Report-back from Venezuela: We Are All Venezuela Conference

Venezuela Monthly Webinar Series

 Register Now! Free Webinar: How do the Venezuela elections change the political landscape? Webinar Invitation Tuesday, May 29, 2018 8:00-9:00pm EDT / 5:00-6:00pm PDT   Venezuela is holding early presidential elections on May 20, 2018 in an effort to find solutions to the country’s political and economic crises. A delegation organized by Intrepid News Fund and Venezuelanalysis will…

AFGJ Venezuela-ALBA Weekly #201, Venezuela Fights Back Against US Economic War

Venezuela Weekly - Solidarity News from Venezuela

The News This Week 3.23.2018 FAIR: Exonerating the Empire in Venezuela Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity: A Time of Urgency: Halting U.S. Political, Diplomatic, and Military Intervention in the Sovereign Affairs of the Venezuelan People and the Bolivarian Government of Nicolas Maduro International Criminal Court plays Scripted Propaganda Role in Venezuela…