Colombia, South Korea and Panama Free Trade Deals Move Forward!

According to an article in the Washington Post yesterday, the package of three free trade deals is moving forward. The president of the Chamber of Commerce is even “optimistic” about having the agreements in place by July 1st. Currently, the Republicans are causing some delay over the “Trade Adjustment Assistance Program” meant to assist the U.S. workers that the agreements will put out of work.

Despite the widespread opposition of labor and human rights supporters, the Obama administration has sought to pass the Colombia Free Trade Agreement as part of this package.

We must act NOW to stop these agreements! Please call or write your House Representatives and tell them that your vote depends on their opposition to the free trade agreements. Their contact information can be found here.

Dear ______:

I am writing to inform your that my vote next election cycle is dependent upon your opposition to the Colombia, Panama and South Korea free trade agreements. At a time when we are facing such economic hardships, I am concerned about the job loss they will cause here and abroad. Moreover, I have deep reservations about signing an agreement with Colombia due to their abysmal record in human and labor rights. This violence should not be rewarded with trade deals.