Colombian Unionists Speak Out about Repression in Tolima

This six minute video is a production of the Alliance for Global Justice and Pan Left.  It features leaders of the Peasant Workers Association of Tolima (Astracatol), all of whom have since been arrested as a part of the recent government crackdown on Colombia’s labor, agrarian and popular movements.  Many AfGJ supporters will recognize the names of Jailer Gonzalez, Maribel Oviedo and Guillermo Cano from past alerts.  This video was recorded in a meeting with them during AfGJ’s April, 2013 delegation to Colombia.  Don Guillermo was arrested in May 2013, and Jailer and Maribel were both arrested during the nationwide attacks by the Colombian Armed Forces of August 29th against participants in the National Farmers and Popular Strike.  These arrests are part of a series of events that indicate that at the same time the Colombian government is negotiating in a peace process, it is trying to break the back of the peasant labor movement.astracatol