David Ravelo Gutiérrez beaten, taken by Colombian authorities—Demand his freedom NOW!

David Ravelo Crespo and David Ravelo Gutiérrez, father and son human rights defenders in Colombia

David Ravelo Guttiérrez is a well -known social leader and human rights defender who has been beaten by Colombian armed forces and detained without charges in La Modelo prison. He is the son of well-known human rights defender and ex-political prisoner David Ravelo Crespo.


Join with international solidarity activists to demand his safety and well-being be respected and that he be freed immediately.


BACKGROUND INFORMATION (Following is a translation by Raquel Mogollón of an alert by the Committee of Solidarity with the Political Prisoners. Click here to read the original Spanish)

#URGENTE #DefendTheDefenders #WeSupportTheColombianPeaceAccord

Today, May 13, 2019, David Ravelo Gutiérrez, a political prisoner recently detained, currently being held in the La Modelo prison, is taken out of his cell block by the guards without explanation and physically attacked . They are accusing him of responsibility for some denouncements that came to light in the news media exposing the penitentiary system (#INPEC).

[David is the persecuted son of internationally recognized political prisoner, David Rabelo Crespo ( Libertad Rabelo Crespo ) whose freedom was only just secured last year after many years of unjust imprisonment.]