Days of Action

The People’s Power Assemblies were tasked with discussing the issues then creating nationally coordinated local days of action for the upcoming year.

Do you or your organization want to join the conversation regarding any of these days of action?  Please email [email protected] and indicate which one(s).  


March 8: Anti-repression & Prison Industrial Complex: International Women’s Day: How prison system affects families.

April 14-15: US Imperialism &  Anti Militarism: Global Day of Action on Military Spending:

April 22- May 1: Economic Justice: Global Climate Convergence: Earth Day to May Day:

August 23: Anti-repression & Prison Industrial Complex: National day of solidarity with US political prisoners and prisoners of empire.

September 2014: Ecology and Empire: Supporting and attending gathering of indigenous people on Diné reservation.

December 10-18: Immigration & Border Militarization: Human Rights Day to International Migrants Day:

Drug War & Drug War Prisoners: Date not yet chosen, the LASC Drug War Working Group will be continuing discussion.

People’s Power Assemblies

Immigration & Border Militarization:

December 10 – December 18, 2014

Human Rights Day-Global Day for Migrants and Refugees

US Imperialism &  Anti Militarism:

April 14-15 Tax day

Focus: Cutting the pentagon budget.

Anti-repression & Prison Industrial Complex:

March 8 – (International Womens Day) How prison system affects families

Possibly: Participate in events planned, add materials and speakers.

August 23 – National day of solidarity with US political prisoner and prisoners of empire

Additional Idea! Putting together a bus caravan.

Ecology and Empire:

Helping to organize and mobilize a series of Ecological Truth Commissions over the next year to lead up to and build for campaign of actions for 2015. Doing first ones on Earth Day as part of Take Back Earth Day activities.

September 2014: Supporting and attending gathering of indigenous people on Diné reservation

Start: Preparing for and building a national campaign of direct actions to demand climate justice leading up to and concurrent with the 2015 UN Climate Summit in Paris.

Economic Justice: Spring into Action

March 8 – April 22 – May 1

International Womens Day- Mother Earth Day-May Day.

Drug War & Drug War Prisoners: 

Date not yet chosen.

The Drug War Working Group & Latin America Solidarity Coalition will be continuing discussion.