How Do I Decide Amongst So Many Requests for Support?

“If AfGJ did not exist,
someone would have to create it.”

Thanks to you, Alliance for Global Justice does exist and we plan to keep right on working hard to build a stronger, more unified movement for transformational change.

This is the last of our series of year-end donation appeals describing different aspects of our cutting-edge work. After today we are going to leave you alone for awhile! But we can’t emphasize enough that your financial support – at whatever level – is the fuel that powers our “little bit grassroots think tank and a whole lot of organizing,” as we say. We don’t get big foundation grants and we sure d get corporate contributions! Our average gift is $50 and it takes a lot of $50 gifts to fund our Latin America solidarity work and our US movement-building work.

 Take a Moment to Consider Supporting
AFGJ with a $50 Gift

For a small organization, we have a big agenda and a big impact, as you know from the emails we’ve been sending you over the last few weeks. We may be small, but we make a big difference and, as one of our detractors on the Right put it, we “punch above our weight.”

  • Solidarity with Nicaragua and the ALBA countries. Defense of sovereignty for Venezuela.
  • Human rights accompaniment in Honduras and Colombia.
  • Labor rights in Mexico.
  • Exposing US prison imperialism and our military’s role in the acceleration of climate change.
  • Administrative services to over 100 groups that don’t have their own tax-exempt status.

AfGJ is indeed “a little bit grassroots think tank and a whole lot of organizing.”

In 2018 we face new challenges and a continuation of the old ones. This world is poised on a precipice and it is only through united, grassroots action that we will stop the 1% from taking all of us over the cliff with them.

AfGJ is a non-sectarian, grassroots organization devoted to addressing the root causes of capitalism and imperialism that are destroying our planet and denying its human inhabitants and our fellow creatures their birthright. We are devoted to build a movement strong enough to have an impact regardless of who is in the White House or who controls Congress.

If you like what we’re doing and you’d like us to do more, please make a tax-deductible donation today!