Delegation Report: Colombia Peace Talks Advancing in Cuba

* This is a corrected version of an earlier publication that had misidentified Rodolfo Benitez, Ambassador for   Cuba to the Colombia peace talks, and Enrique Santiago, legal advisor for the peace process.

¨Colombia Peace Talks Advancing in Cuba:
Historic Opportunity to Negotiate a Lasting Peace¨

Cuba and the U.S. Move Toward Normalized Relations

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A report from the fact-finding and advocacy delegation organized by
the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ).

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April 11-18, 2015
The Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) was invited by the Colombian Permanent Committee on Human Rights to organize a delegation to Havana, Cuba April 11-18 in support of the Colombia peace negotiations which are taking place on the island. While the delegation was being organized, Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced steps toward normalizing relations for the first time since 1961. The delegation took advantage of this political opening to meet with a number of Cubans to talk about the economic and political implications of improved relations. Read more….