Drug War and Drug War Prisoners People’s Power Assembly

race_drug_users_prisoners_31KBTear Down the Walls People’s Power Assembly, Scheduled for Saturday November 2 at 8:30-11:15 A.M.

The US 40-year old “Drug War” has littered the landscape with corpses from Medellin, to Juarez, to Topeka, KS. In the US it has filled the prisons with nonviolent offenders while sentencing disparities and a racist criminal justice system insure that most prisoners are young men of color. It has provided impetus to the for profit prison system and the militarization of police forces in the US and Latin America. Violence spurred by the militarized Drug War in Latin America producer countries and trafficking transit countries like Central America and Mexico cause personal insecurity for millions and drive human rights violations and forced migration. In the US it has justified police and Border Patrol impunity, Stop and Frisk policies, and the criminalization of People of Color.

The Drug War and Drug War Prisoners People’s Power Assemblies will bring together Latin America solidarity, immigration, border militarization, prison, police brutality, sentencing disparity, indigenous, decriminalization and legalization groups to strategize on how to work together across movements to build a stronger, more unified opposition to the Drug War and Drug War Prisoners. The People’s Power Assembly will commit to one or more joint actions during the next year including at least one [inter]nationally coordinated day of local action.