Early Bird Discount for Online Courses!

We are now offering an early bird discount for our upcoming session. Courses, normally $250, will be discounted to $200 if you register before Dec. 1st for our Jan. 13 – Feb. 17th session. Our courses turn beginners into activists, activists into organizers and to help seasoned organizers develop new skills and areas of expertise. You will find our courses invaluable at whatever level you are starting, so sign up today!

NEW Activist School Session: Enroll Now!
January 13 – Feb. 17 Course Offerings

The AFGJ Online Activist School is offering four courses, all taught by seasoned activist-scholars or community organizers. These courses will be held online. You can access the material at your own pace from your own home. You will have regular access to and feed-back from the instructor. At least one session of each course will be live and include interaction among the students and instructor through conference calling, video-conference, or webinar platform. Upon completion you will be awarded with a letter of completion from the Alliance for Global Justice. Click here to register now!

Strategic Research on US Militarism for Activist Campaigns
This course will address diverse ways and sources for obtaining information we need on US military plans, activities, costs and impacts to organize demilitarization campaigns. For more information click here. The course will be taught by John Lindsay-Poland, research and advocacy director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation and author of Emperors in the Jungle: The Hidden History of the US in Panama (Duke University). He has done research on US military policy and activities for peace and human rights projects for 30 years. Click here to register now!

Community Defense Media 101 (Policing the Police)
The course will cover your media rights when videotaping law enforcement officers, organizing effective abuse documentation methods, techniques used to do effective cop watch and an overview of basic video production. For more information click here. Jason Michael Aragon has been a video maker and activist with the collective Pan Left Productions since 2005 in Tucson, AZ, epicenter of the immigration and border militarization struggles. His documentary work has been featured in several film festivals and several networks such as PBS, CNN, and Democracy Now. He has also been an educator teaching workshops and video classes for youth, and organizes the Migra Patrol Cop-Watch with Tucson human rights group Coalición de Derechos Humanos. Click here to register now!

“Empire as a Way of Life”
This course is a critical analysis of the U.S. Empire and the imperialism and militarism that are its lifeblood. Historian William Appleman Williams asserts empire is “a way of life [that] defines the … character of a culture and society.” U.S. citizens believe they have a “manifest destiny” to impose their political and economic policies upon others. For more information click here. SUNY Professor Emeritus John Marciano has been an activist, scholar and teacher in the antiwar/social justice movement for more than four decades, commencing as a graduate student at SUNY Buffalo where he was a founding member of SDS at that campus. Since 2004, he has taught community courses for adults in Santa Monica on Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States and Empire as a Way of Life, based on the work of William Appleman Williams. Click here to register now!

US Policy Towards Latin America: From Drug Wars to Banana Wars
The face of US policy in Latin America in the last 100 years has included CIA led overthrows of governments, military funding of brutal dictatorships and economic trade pacts that have pushed millions under the poverty line. Yet despite this, Latin America has shown us some of the most powerful and resilient grassroots struggles where people power was proven to be more powerful than guns and greed. For more information click here. Instructor Tanya Cole is Southwest Regional Coordinator of Witness for Peace. She earned her graduate degrees in Latin American Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. She has traveled to 13 countries organized 40 delegations while working for Global Exchange and Witness for Peace as well as organized US speaking tours on Colombia, Cuba and Honduras. Click here to register now!