Ecology and Climate Justice Delegation to Peru

Taking the Struggle to the Streets for the UN Climate Summit in Lima!

Dec. 3-13, 2014

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An Alliance for Global Justice delegation. Our hosts are the Forum Solidaridad Perú (FSP -Peru Solidarity Forum) and the Movimiento de Ciudadanos frente el Cambio Climático (MOCICC-the Citizens Movement Confronting Climate Change).

For more information: or 520-243-0381 or CLICK HERE

  • Join MOCCIC and the FSP as we meet with activists from Peru and around the world to discuss real solutions to the ecological crisis and take our demands to the streets of Lima and the doors of the UN Climate Summit!

  • Take a trip with us to the beautiful highland lake country of Cajamarca! Learn about the US TajoYanacochabased Newmont Corporation’s mega-gold mining Conga project. See first hand an example of environmental destruction by transnational Capital. Encounter a struggle against the mine rooted in the rights of Mother Earth and the indigenous people who live there.

  • Visit the fascinating coastal city of Trujillo, home to amazing archaeological, ecological and cultural resources—and an ecosystem under direct threat due to global warming!

  • Meet those resisting new US military bases! Peru is the top recipient of US military aid after Mexico and Colombia and the US is committing more resources there to convert Peru into a launching pad for the interests and activities of an Empire obsessed with Resource Wars and profit before nature!

  • Meet with student, farm and labor representatives leading struggles for sustainability versus neoliberal ecocide!

COSTS: $1400, not including international airfare. Delegation cost covers all lodging, in-Peru travel, meals, and other delegation-related expenses.