Ecology and Empire People’s Power Assembly

empire1ecology-and-capitalismTear Down the Walls People’s Power Assembly, Scheduled for Saturday, November 2 at 4-6:45 P.M.

Right now the planet is in the middle of the 6th Great Extinction period and it has been caused by humans, specifically the current dictators in the 1%. No amount of personal consumer choices is going to put the brakes on, stop and reverse this process. Neither will begging the powerful interests who profit from the ecological genocide. Imperialism, the worst purveyor of destruction through endless wars and the raping of ecosystems and communities for their resources, must be aggressively resisted while the land is restored. Global capitalism must be replaced by a participatory system that provides for the entirety of life’s needs in an ecologically sustainable and integrated fashion.

The Ecology and Empire People’s Power Assembly will bring together the environmental movement with economic, solidarity, anti-war and other movements. It will highlight the indigenous leadership given to ecological struggle and questions of land and water. We’ll put an end to the false solutions and still deliver a message that an empowered resistance willing to do what it takes to tear down the walls of the most destructive aspects of industrialization, extraction, agriculture and militarism can ensure that the future ensures growth in species and the health of the biome. The People’s Power Assembly will commit to one or more joint actions during the next year including at least one [inter]nationally coordinated day of local action.