Venezuela & ALBA News #440, 2.17.2023: State Terrorism in Peru; Alex Saab & Ana Belen Montes; US Attacks on Socialists at Home and Abroad

AFGJ: SOS – AfGJ has been attacked! Alliance for Global Justice and our fiscally-sponsored projects are under attack by right-wing media. They try to intimidate us and neutralize our effectiveness in supporting movements for liberation and justice worldwide. They convinced the company that handles our credit card donations to block AfGJ from use of this critical fundraising tool.

Take Action: House Votes to Condemn Socialist Ideas and Leaders! The resolution was an attack on socialist sentiment in the US, as well as on Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China and North Korea. Don’t let this H.Con.Res.9 pass without a reaction from the solidarity community! Act now by checking your representative’s vote and sending them a message!

Orinoco Tribune interviews Omali Yeshitela, leader of the African Peoples Socialist Party, Uhuru Movement: Federal Bureau of Intimidation vs. International Solidarity This interview highlights the hypocrisy and double standards employed by the US government to neutralize and sabotage any legitimate anti-imperialist black and brown liberation movement identifying with socialist ideas. This FBI raid represents the intent of the recent House resolution.


US-Backed Coup in Peru
Resumen Latinoamericano: Peru: More than Repression, it is State Terrorism It has been just two months since Dina Boluarte took over Peru’s presidency in a coup d’état. Over 64 have been killed, 47 are civilians, and 50 have been shot dead, mostly by the army and the police. Meanwhile, hundreds have been wounded, several minors, as well as 59 journalists.

International Mission of Solidarity and Human Rights: Peruvian State must be investigated for crimes against humanity The Peruvian State must be investigated in the framework of the social and political crisis that occurred since December 7, 2022, through its armed and security forces, for having murdered, tortured, abused, persecuted, threatened, and intimidated vast sectors of the Peruvian people. Full report in Spanish.


Alex Saab and Ana Belen Montes
Letter of Alex Saab: What does the United States call Regime Change? December 15, 2020

Update on Released Political Prisoner Ana Belen Montes and how you can assist her.


Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign: Nicaraguan Releases 222 Prisoners In a decision of the Sandinista government, 222 prisoners convicted for their roles in the US-led and US-financed 2018 coup attempt, were liberated. They were stripped of their citizenship and sent to the US.


Our Own Path to Socialism: Selected Speeches of Hugo Chávez Hugo Chávez’s speeches are a call to action, challenging us to take up the task of building a socialism.The Bolivarian Revolution put forth a path to liberation for Venezuela and the continent, declaring socialism as the only way of defeating capitalism and imperialism.

Popular Resistance: Cuba, Venezuela and China are rushing aid to earthquake-hit Syria. US can’t even fully withdraw sanctions The US and its allies have yet to offer meaningful assistance to Syria even as Venezuela, China, Palestine, and others have dispatched aid and specialists. Venezuela dispatched 52 specialists to Turkey and Syria to assist with relief efforts, and 25 specialists part of the Simon Bolivar Humanitarian Task Force arrived accompanied by 12 tonnes of medicine, water, and food. Cuban doctors from the Henry Reeve International Brigade has also arrived in Turkey.


Common Dreams: Mexican President Vows Global Push to End ‘Inhumane’ US Embargo of Cuba “Mexico will lead a more active movement so that all countries unite and defend the independence and sovereignty of Cuba,” said AMLO, who denounced Washington’s attempts to treat the Caribbean island “as a terrorist country or put them on a blacklist of alleged terrorists.”The Mexican president argued that U.S. policy toward Cuba “is completely worn out, anachronistic, it has no future or point, and it no longer benefits anyone.””Its people and government are deeply humane,” AMLO said of the island nation. “Long live the dignified people of Cuba!”


Thursdays: WTF is Going on in Latin America & The Caribbean with Teri Mattson (or watch here or here)
February 19: Washington DC demonstration against the War Machine
March 11-12: International US-Cuba Normalization Conference


March 11-19: Nicaragua Coffee and Cooperatives Brigade
March 10-20: Visit Cuba with The Center for Global Justice
April 4-13: Cuba Agroecology Tour
April 23 to May 7: NNOC-ICAP 2023 May Day Brigade Interest Form
April 25-May 7: Building Relations with Cuban Labor: Celebrating Labor and May Day in Cuba
April 27-May 6 Nicaragua delegation by Friends of the ATC
May 26- June 4: Lessons from Cuba: Exploring Art, Healthcare, Sustainability and Education
May 13-22 and June 19-26 delegations to Nicaragua
June 17-27 Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast Delegation with Friends of the ATC
July 15-29 IFCO/ Pastors for Peace US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan


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