Venezuela & ALBA News 9.16.2022: New Film on Alex Saab case; Colombia spy operations against Venezuela, Cuba; Allende’s last words

Salvador Allende’s Last Words, September 11, 1973


Alex Saab Political Prisoner
Alex Saab: A Kidnapped Diplomat – new documentary. Watch here
And help publicize it, distribute it, post it. Unilateral coercive measures as a form of global extortion, the case of diplomat Alex Saab Camilla Saab emphasized how this US policy worked in the case of the Venezuelan diplomat. “It is a perfect circle: they start with the hegemonic media, demonizing the person without evidence, continue with the FinCEN (Financial Crime Control Network) alert, then the persecution by extension to all family members and ends with the seizure of assets and officials.” “on July 25, 2019, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned Alex one year after he was appointed Special Envoy; it is an extortion agency that bases its ‘sanctions’ on press articles and these sanctions are illegal measures that violate all international rights.”

Orinoco Tribune: United States Now Recognizes Alex Saab as Special Envoy of Venezuela
After more than two years questioning Venezuelan Alex Saab’s diplomatic status, the US Department of Justice has now conceded that he is a special envoy. But they now argue in essence that Saab is a diplomat without immunity.


Orinoco Tribune: Venezuela Rejects Washington’s Statement on Imprisoned US Citizens
The Venezuelan government rejected the statement made by State Department spokesperson, Ned Price, labeling US Marine veteran and MVM Inc. “contractor” Matthew Heath’s detention as wrongful and his arrest as based on specious charges. At the time of his capture in September 2020, Heath had allegedly already taken photos of strategic military and oil refining facilities in Zulia and Falcón states. He entered Venezuela illegally from Colombia through Paraguachón (Zulia state) and his final destination was Aruba. To avoid being detained at checkpoints, he “hired” National Guard 3rd Sergeant Major Darwin Adreizo Urdaneta Pardo, who would be his “safeguard.” The Venezuelan statement also highlighted that most US citizens deprived of liberty in Venezuela have confessed their crimes.

Tom Whitney: Colombian U.S.-backed intelligence operations against Cuba and Venezuela
Colombia’s intelligence service secreted 28 spies within various branches of Venezuela’s military. As part of so-called “Operation Vengeance,” operatives “tried to encourage the Venezuelan Army to carry out military operations against the ELN,” which was active in Venezuelan territory. They created hostile pamphlets and audio recordings and attributed them to the ELN. The spies “totally infiltrated” the communications of a Venezuelan press attaché in Bogota and monitored his contacts with prominent Colombian politicians of the left.
Cuba: Agents posing as journalists or photographers mapped routes to facilities used by diplomats, photographed the interiors of the Cuban embassy, consulates, and diplomats’ quarters, and also diplomats’ automobiles and license plates. They monitored diplomats’ encounters with Colombian activists and politicians, and gained access to phones, computers, and online communications. They were able to alter the text of the Cubans’ email communications. Colombian intelligence operatives communicated their findings with U.S. counterparts. US documents with responses and commentary show up in the files.They spied on solidarity gatherings at the Julio Antonio Mella International Camp near Havana. See:

Revista Raya: US-Colombia Espionage: Target Venezuela  Methods used for US and Colombian spying on Venezuelan embassy in Bogota.


Revista Raya: US-Colombia Espionage: Target Cuba
Methods used for US and Colombian spying on Cuban embassy in Bogota, ICAP, and some Cuba activists in US.

Militant: Back the fight to stop FBI probe against Puerto Rican Cuba brigade members The FBI “will not frighten us,” Milagros Rivera, president of the Committee in Solidarity with Cuba of Puerto Rico. “Our most important message is we are going to continue our united work to defeat the criminal U.S. blockade of Cuba.” Nearly 60 people in this US colony were either visited or phoned by FBI agents between Aug. 23-26. The agents often tried to question people about Rivera or the latest solidarity brigade to Cuba.


Tortilla con Sal: Daniel Ortega “the capital of the Nicaraguan people: morality, dignity, loyalty to this land where we are made of steel”
On Gorbachev. On the history of Nicaragua’s revolutionary struggles against foreign domination and their puppets. “ I was telling you, that you represent the moment of greatest consolidation, of greatest Strength of the Army of Nicaragua, that is why I was telling you that steel was tempered here, we can say that with all the firmness with which General Avilés explained it: An Army for Sovereignty, for Peace, for Security; an Army with the Strength of our Heroes and our Martyrs, and that of the Heroes who continued with us along that route that we were making to Pancasán, because later the October offensive would come and the People’s Army growing there.” “And on July 19th, when we entered this Square, it was Nicaragua’s Dignity entering here, all our Heroes and Martyrs were entering, all that power, all that strength that allowed us to grow, to grow even in the greatest difficulties, even through what seemed defeats, the People returned to the struggle, until Victory was finally achieved and with Victory the People’s Army was born, the Sandinista Army was born.”


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