Delegations can change people’s lives, and AFGJ creates the opportunities for those life-changing experiences.

Check out our upcoming delegations below and reach out to [email protected] with questions and to request an application.

Our delegations to Colombia have helped free political prisoners and expose prison conditions and the role of the US Bureau of Prisons in their creation. In Honduras AfGJ delegations have stopped an illegal eviction of a peasant cooperative in Rigores, accompanied cooperatives under threat of violence in the Aguan Valley, and exposed fraud in the presidential election. AfGJ delegations to Nicaragua and Venezuela have exposed participants to successful poverty reduction and participatory democracy projects that have transformed those countries and would transform our own.

In our experience, nothing promotes peaceful relations more than getting to know the people and culture of another country. Nothing beats witnessing for ourselves the reality of another country to expose the lies of our government and corporate media. Nothing inspires us more to change our own country than to laugh and cry, eat and play with people who pay the price for the corporate greed and violence created by the US Empire and our consumerism.

Will you join us on a delegation in an act of solidarity? Our purpose is to bring the messages we hear from people on the ground to change our own government’s behavior toward these countries.

Upcoming delegations

Learn about the Plurinational State of Bolivia’s movements for sovereignty over food, land and water; gain an understanding of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of Pachamama; and discover the traditional ecological knowledge of the country’s peoples. Meet with farmers, community leaders, government officials and others at the center of Bolivia’s popular democracy and sustainable development. Experience the rich culture of the Andes and soak in the sights, sounds, people and politics during this historic moment for Indigenous self-determination in Bolivia.

Application deadline: September 30, 2023

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This delegation is an opportunity to witness, experience and learn about the 23 autonomous territories that comprise 31% of Nicaraguan land. We’ll meet with leaders and community members to learn how they run their governments and justice systems, have culturally appropriate education at all levels, practice intercultural healthcare and manage communally owned land for the good of present and future generations.

Application deadline: November 15, 2023

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Join us to witness, experience and learn from the resistance of the Venezuelan people to the illegal, coercive and unilateral “sanctions” of the United States government against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 22 years after the U.S.-backed coup against President Hugo Chávez, we’ll be in Venezuela to support the Bolivarian Revolution and say: No Volverán!

Application deadline: January 9, 2024

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