Peace, Anti-War, and Liberation

The Alliance for Global Justice has a long history of advocacy for just peace that is manifested in our various projects and campaigns. For instance, we actively support the peace process in Colombia, oppose US intervention in Venezuela via military and financial support for violent golpistas, emphasize the role of US Empire and militarism in climate change, and oppose the blockade of Cuba and occupation of Guantánamo. AfGJ has participated in and even co-founded some of the major anti-war coalitions and networks opposing US wars. We will continue to support the movement to end wars and militarism and will periodically post relevant links, announcements and resources on this page.

AFGJ is deeply concerned about the crisis in Ukraine. As a US based organization, we recognize the broken promises and NATO expansions not only in Europe but around the world that have been a central factor in this crisis. We worry deeply about NATO provocations toward China, as well as the growing activities of the Pentagon and NATO in Latin America and Africa. We join with people around the world who are demanding a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine. For those who would like to understand this crisis better, and AFGJ’s positions, we recommend you review the following links:

AFGJ is currently working as a part of the international People Humans Rights Observatory, to develop a NATO Out of Latin America Campaign, with component efforts aimed at ending the Drug War, and on stopping the Pentagon and NATO presence in the Amazon Rain Forest. For more information contact or .

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