Join the Campaign to Free Alex Saab!

Dear friends,

Two years ago, we started the campaign to release Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat incarcerated in a United States federal prison in Miami. Venezuela’s Special Envoy to Iran was arrested on June 12, 2020, when his plane was forced to stop in Cape Verde to refuel, local authorities arrested him, opened his diplomatic pouch, and eventually kidnapped him, despite the fact that he should have been granted immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

At this moment, about 40 countries are subjected to North American unilateral coercive measures (sanctions). The Venezuelan diplomat was intercepted while fulfilling his mission to obtain urgently needed goods by circumventing these illegal sanctions. His success in this regard made him a target of Washington. The jailing and prosecution of Alex Saab represent a violation of international law and undermine respect for the security and immunity of special envoys and other diplomats worldwide.

Your support has been key to shed light on the illegality of sanctions and their use as a destabilisation tool. Your solidarity in 2023 can make a difference in the struggle to defend the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples subject to U.S. unilateral sanctions.

It is important that the international community understands that Alex Saab represents, in turn, a nation of more than 30 million people who have been kidnapped and who are suffering collective punishment by the United States, just for wanting to be sovereign, free and independent. . Sanctions are actually coercive, unilateral, and illegal measures that cause starvation and death.

Will you join the fight for Alex Saab’s freedom?

We have been denouncing the kidnapping of the Venezuelan diplomat since his arrest, and it has grown into an international movement calling for his unconditional release. During the past two years, we have organized protests in multiple cities in the United States, marches, talks, webinars, and film screenings of the Alex Saab case. Through webinars, in which figures such as Roger Waters have joined us, we have managed to overcome the siege of disinformation created by the US.

In 2023, we will continue to center Alex Saab’s freedom in our work and will not rest until he is home.

In solidarity,

William Camacaro


Join the Campaign to Free Alex Saab!

Tens of thousands of people in the U.S. and internationally have called on the U.S. government to release the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab.

Former Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera joined the coalition as honorary chair and is urging people to stand along side him in this campaign. Read his letter here and add your support!