MEDIA ADVISORY: Colombia 2022 Runoff Election Coverage

Don’t miss out! Updates, interviews, and analysis from Colombia & Latin America on Runoff Election Day: June 19, 3:30-7:30 pm CT

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Alliance for Global Justice together with Anticonquista, Centro Pazifico, People’s Human Rights Observatory, Orinoco Tribune, Lazos de Dignidad and Convo Couch announces an afternoon livestream broadcast on Sunday, June 19, 2022 to report and comment on the national runoff election in Colombia.

Reporting will begin at 3:30 pm CT before the polls close, and will continue until 7:30 pm CT, when vote totals should be in and the election results will be announced. The broadcast will include reports from people on the ground in Colombia with accounts of how the election is proceeding and attention given to any observed or reported problems.

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WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT: Colombia is preparing for truly unprecedented elections that could result in the first center-left government in Colombian history. This would result in a renewed commitment to the 2016 Peace Accord and the 2019 and 2021 National Strikes demands. Unfortunately, the elections could also lead to new levels of political violence and repression, deepening a humanitarian crisis that has forcibly displaced millions of people and produced a high rate of politically motivated killings, with at least one person dying each day. The direction Colombia takes will not only affect the daily lives of Colombians but will have profound implications across the hemisphere and world. 

This electoral season has been marked by massive fraud in March’s congressional and primary elections. Worse, electoral violence has been at its highest level since 2010. Front-running presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the Pacto Histórico (Historic Pact), Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez, have been threatened repeatedly with assassination. In fact, at their campaign’s closing rally in the Plaza Bolívar, in Bogotá, Marquez was rushed off stage when she was targeted by a laser from a building 400 yards away. There have been a series of irregularities in the season so far, including that, in direct contravention of the law, the Commander in Chief of the Colombian Armed Forces publicly denounced Petro’s candidacy.

This election will determine the direction for Colombia and much of South America in the coming years. Will the region turn toward justice and sovereignty, or continue to languish in a colonial, neoliberal state as a puppet of the United States, with its main role being the extraction of wealth and its transfer from the people of the region to a privileged few? The future of democracy in this hemisphere is at stake this Sunday.

The broadcast will be mainly in English but Spanish translation will be available for most of the event.

We invite people who are committed to justice and progress in this hemisphere to view and share this broadcast and to use this information in your own communications on this topic. We also encourage you to register to participate in our broadcast (we’ll periodically open the space for livestream viewers’ questions and comments.)

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