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Resilience and Resistance from Oaxaca: People’s Unity Against the Walls of Infamy

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From its base in Oaxaca, the People’s Human Rights Observatory (Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos) is forging new paths of solidarity. Whether standing in the way of paramilitary attacks against indigenous villages, marching shoulder to shoulder with teachers unions, or collecting supplies for victims of the September 9 earthquake in Oaxaca and Chiapas, the PHRO is in constant motion to defend communities and advocate for a new and better world. Defying repression and ecological disaster, the PHRO is moving forward with plans for a caravan that will travel from the southern border of Mexico to the US-Mexico border wall. The caravan will make stops throughout Mexico, reaching its final destination at the School of the Americas Watch Border Convergence this November. On they way, they will build a network of resistence to Empire. The caravan will denounce border walls in the US and Mexico, as well as in Palestine, and against Cuba, where the blockade forms a virtual wall. The caravan will expose and oppose police militarization and the construction of prison walls, all funded by our US taxes. These walls hurt “we, the people” and serve only those who profit from keeping the rest of us down, separate, and divided. The People’s Unity Caravan Against the Walls of Infamy is an antidote. Together, we can tear down the walls!

The People’s Human Rights Observatory is bringing relief to communities ravaged by the recent earthquake. Now they need help to keep the People’s Unity Caravan on the road. Your tax-deductible contribution will help make the caravan a success, even in these most difficult times!

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The People’s Human Rights Observatory was initiated by the People’s Human Rights Council (Consejo de Derechos del Pueblo), a grassroots organization of urban and rural workers and indigenous communities. While PHRO is based in Oaxaca, it’s members include organizations and individuals from around Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, the United States, Switzerland, and Spain. The Alliance for Global Justice and School of the Americas Watch are the PHRO’s US representatives.