What does the Ukraine conflict mean for Latin America & the Global South? Information guide

The roots of the war in Ukraine lie in decades of NATO expansion that seeks to extend U.S. hegemony over the entire world. This is imperialism, pure and simple. We see the expansion of fascism in Ukraine, the United States, the UK, and many parts of the European Union. The ugly alliance between fascism and imperialism is a global threat. This threat expands beyond Eastern Europe and threatens the sovereignty of many nations especially in Latin America and throughout the Global South.

AFGJ has compiled an information guide to help us better understand the origins and global implications of the conflict in Ukraine, particularly in Latin America and the Global South. Specifically, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other nations that endure U.S. embargoes and blockades rely upon Russia and China for material support and trade. Colombia, NATO’s only partner in Latin America, has made unfounded accusations that Russia has been funding protests in Colombia and advising troop movements in Venezuela. On March 1, 2022, Colombia and the U.S. began military exercises in the Caribbean that, for the first time ever, involve a nuclear submarine. Colombia’s Defense Minister said the exercises were “within the scope of NATO.” We denounce the expansion of NATO and its wars into Latin America. The embargoes, impoundments of funds and no-fly policies are wreaking harm on nations and peoples with whom we stand in solidarity.

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