Worker to Worker Solidarity Campaign

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The Worker to Worker Solidarity Campaign (WWSC) supports internationalist, mutual solidarity between workers and unions across the planet. We believe that direct worker to worker, farmer to farmer, union to union, and popular movement to popular movement solidarity is the only way to go! We know that international labor relations have at times been taken advantage of by Empire and big transnational corporations to undermine movements for labor rights and participatory democracy. Therefore, we advocate for US unions to develop international solidarity programs independently of government funding and direction. Worker to worker internationalism is the road we must take if we truly want peace, justice, and a fair shake for all laborers, both in factory and field.

The WWSC prioritizes solidarity efforts with unions and labor movements that are: 1) threatened by US government and/or transnational corporate policies and activities; 2) seeking political and economic liberation from such policies; and, 3) not yet receiving the full measure of solidarity needed from US labor and popular movements.

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