[Video] Ecuador’s Upcoming Presidential Election: Monica Palacios, UNES candidate for North America, interviewed by Joe Emersberger (English and Spanish audio)

On February 7 Ecuador holds its election for president. The leading candidate is Andres Arauz of UNES, a political ally of former President Rafael Correa, whose has been a target of a frame-up by present President Lenin Moreno. Arauz’s election would mean Ecuador would return to the orbit of Latin America’s socialist and progressive nations, joining Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

In this webinar that took place on February 2nd, Joe Emersberger interviews Monica Palacios, UNES party candidate for National Assembly in North America. Joe Emersberger is a frequent writer on Ecuador author (with Justin Podur) of forthcoming book Extraordinary Threat : The U.S. Empire, the Media, and Twenty Years of Coup Attempts in Venezuela


English audio:


Audio en español, después de la introducción:


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