Fiscal Sponsorship Hub

Hello Projects! Welcome to AFGJ’s new one stop page for many of the answers to many of your questions!

Donations FAQ

How to Read your Monthly Report- CHUCK

What are my responsibilities as a project?

What are AFGJ’s responsibilities as your fiscal sponsor?

What am I allowed to do regarding elections? -CHUCK

Request a Disbursement – How long will it take to receive my check? Wire? Etc?

What is Dropbox, why we use it, how to use it (view link vs. sync)
Paying contractors (1099)
Paying Staff
Health insurance
Should I thank my donors?
IRS receipts (under donations FAQ)
Crowdfunding how-to (under donations FAQ) and What are my responsibilities?
Applying for grants (possibly include links to necessary documents?)

Event Insurance- DANIELE

How do I open a bank account?

Services Offered- Detailed