Grieving the loss of Hugo Chavez.

Another Venezuelan election to defend is 30 days away.

AFGJ would like to express the deepest condolences for the family of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan people, the people of Latin America, the people of the global south and the oppressed of the world who knew him as a beacon of light. The light that he shown is with us all as we create a more just, democratic and equal multi-polar world. Today is a day of great shock, sadness and mourning, everyone at the Alliance For Global Justice felt his loss.

Chavez will not be forgotten, the people’s history of Hugo Chavez will be preserved. As the world moves forward without one of it’s greatest leaders, it is up to the rest to carry more of the Bolivarian dream and the great humanitarian ethic of Chavismo. Starting today, we must all reaffirm our vigilance that as citizen’s of the US, we will prevent US intervention in Venezuela’s affairs. No more can we allow the US government to spend money trying to buy Venezuelan elections. No to CIA spying, no to destabilization, no assassinations, no secret meetings with opposition, no US corporations or the super rich suing or debilitating the economic systems of Venezuela.

AFGJ has great faith in the Venezuelan people. There is no going backward to a time before Chavez. A time when the oligarch rule was absolute, the two party system corrupted, when the poor suffered immensely and the rich ignored their plight while engorging themselves off the oil wealth of the nation. AFGJ looks to the Venezuelan political and social movements, in their advanced social transformation, as a model worth learning about and building ties of solidarity with for movements in the US.