Honduras Human Rights Primary Elections Accompaniment Delegation

Invitation to join the Honduras Human Rights Primary Elections Accompaniment Delegation – Nov. 18, 2012 LIBRE, the party of the National Front for Popular Resistance (FNRP), is holding primary elections for President and National Assembly on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. The FNRP is the organization uniting labor, teachers, students, campesino, Afro-Honduran, and indigenous groups, LGBT, artists, and former Liberal party members in opposition to the June 28, 2009 coup and the illegitimate government of Porfirio Lobo spawned by the coup. The FNRP created LIBRE to attempt to return democracy through the ballot box in national elections to be held in November 2013. Two LIBRE pre-candidates have already been assassinated. The FNRP has asked for international human rights accompaniment on its primary voting day of November 18, 2012 to help achieve a peaceful voting day and to document human rights abuses if they occur.

Sponsored by the Honduras Solidarity Network

The Honduras Solidarity Network is offering two options for human rights accompaniment delegates for the LIBRE primary elections:

1. A 10 day delegation Nov 12-21 — $850

2. A 4 day delegation Nov. 16-19 — $300

Both delegations include transportation to and from the airport and within Honduras, three meals a day, double occupancy hotel, meetings, and translation. Both delegations will include spending Nov. 18 at polling places in small teams. (If you don’t speak Spanish, you will be teamed with those who do.) The longer delegation will include many more meetings with groups that are part of the FNRP and a trip into the countryside to meet with campesino groups struggling to recover land stolen from them by large landowners.

Honduras is a country where violence against Hondurans — especially those struggling for a return to democracy or for land and basic human rights – is met with government inaction and impunity for the perpetrators. No international observers have so far been harmed. Due to the state of lawlessness in the country, the delegation schedule will be subject to change if the need arises for us to document specific human rights violations. Prospective delegates should be flexible physically and emotionally.

For more information and an application contact: AFGJ@AFGJ.org