Honduras: The Struggle for Democracy, Human Rights & the Environment

This presentation and discussion, filmed by students of the Evergreen State College, was taken from the 2013 Tear Down The Walls National Gathering in Tucson, AZ for broadcast on TCTV and 106.5 KOWA-FM in Olympia, WA. See below for sponsoring organizations and check out our channel for more from this conference hosted by The Alliance For Global Justice.

Since the June 28, 2009 military coup against the government of Honduras, systematic and serious repression is an ongoing reality for the people of this impoverished country. The Honduran elites – primarily the oligarchy and U.S. and Canadian corporations that have long controlled the economic, political and social reality in this country – are responsible for these abuses. In response, the Honduran people – students, teachers, artists, lawyers, journalists, indigenous groups, LGBT community, campesinos (farmers), environmentalists, and labor organizations – have established a unifying coalition and a political party, Libertad y Refundacion (LIBRE) that is challenging the dominant powers in Honduras in an election to be held on November 24th. This workshop will provide information about the election, the role of the U.S. and Canadian governments and corporations in legitimizing and benefiting from the military coup, and about the courage and spirit of Honduras’ peaceful pro-democracy movement.

Presenting are Mark Sullivan and Rick Sterling. Workshop sponsor organizations are the Marin Interfaith Taskforce on the Americas and the Honduras Solidarity Network.

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